Monday, December 27, 2004

Holy Tsunami! - World News

Wow. 9.0 Earthquake. Tsunamis. What is next?! 23,000 dead. I bet that goes up.

I feel for those people. I wonder if the world will forget their differences and help these people out.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


There. Fuck PC (political correctness).

If I was on top of it a week and a half ago I would have posted HAPPY HANUKKAH. Of course this is one spelling, I have seen Chanukkah, too. Anyone know the correct "version"?

Anyways, everyone enjoy your Christmas! Remember, we share one world.

Monday, December 13, 2004

In the News!

And the top stories today are:

More people die in Iraq.
The stock market is up, no, down, no, up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Aw, you get the point.
One racist is calling another racist a racist for being a racist.
Bush did something.
Bush appointed someone.
Bush still thinks he knows what he is doing.
Someone is building WMDs.
Our borders are still open.

In the weather:

Hot in the southern hemisphere, cold in the Northern.
Rain, snow, wind, dry, heat.

In Sports:

Roll models?

And that is the news. Thanks for joining us.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Election Stupidity continues

Hey, San Diego still is having fun with their mayoral elections. Law suits are flying and everyone says something is wrong. Even a conspiracy theory has developed.

Here's the facts as I see them:

1. San Diegans cannot read instructions.
2. Fact: The ballot instructions say you must fill in the bubble.
3. San Diegans did not fill in the bubble.
4. Donna Fry (sp?) wants those votes without bubbles filled counted.

Conclusion: San Diegans are not the most intelligent group of people.

This is the last I will say about elections this year. Disregard any previous comments regarding my no comment rule.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Basketball incident

I know you are all waiting for comment on the fight that broke out at the Pacer game last weekend. Here's the quick comment as I will post my true feeling on the website as I think this deserves a little more indepth study. ;-)

First, I think all players should be suspended for the year and Artest should be handed at least a two year suspension. I think that these "roll models", as everyone likes to call sports figures, should have enough common sense to hold back their aggression. Also, they are too young to understand the real world. A message to the players: You make a lot of money playing games. Think about it. You are just grown up children. Get a grip on reality.

Second, I think that John Green, the fan who threw the cup at Artest, should be charged with assault and banned from attending any major sporting events. This includes his son's little league baseball games. This guy is the epitome of what fans have become today. I've been to my share of sporting events and I think the fans have gone way of the edge. All they do is drink beer and harass the players. Hey Idiots! It is only a game. A GAME. Not life or death! A GAME! It does not mean anything. Nothing. Nada. You are so stupid to pay so much to see a bunch of grown men play GAMES and get so mad. Put things into perspective. OH, and get a life, too.

There you have it. Later!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Election: When will the stupidity stop?

I just cannot understand why people are so stupid. Yes, prosecute those who voted twice. And before people get up in arms over this whole damn thing, VOTING WILL NEVER BE PERFECT! So, get over it.
Yahoo! News - Ohio Finds Possible Double Votes, Counts

And if you checked in on the really bizarre San Diego, CA mayoral race, seems like a mini presidential election going on there. Must be a city of losers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Idiot of the Day

So, I hear this on the radio, so I go cruisin' through Yahoo News. I cannot fathom how someone would go to such lengths to make a point. I would never set myself on fire on PURPOSE. Burn hurt. I'll tell you, we are dealling with a whole different breed of people here. Beware.

Yahoo! News - Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House: "Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House"

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Just When You Thought This Election Stuff Was Over

It looks like the Democrats cannot believe that their own people turned on them and voted for Bush. I guess some research is still necessary to uncover any possible fraud and make elections more "believeable". Some good points are broght up in this article, but I fear that there will never be an election without fears of fraud or misconduct of some kind.

Wired News: Blogs Fuel Election Fraud Fears: "Blogs Fuel Election Fraud Fears

By Kim Zetter | Also by this reporter Page 1 of 2 next �

02:00 AM Nov. 10, 2004 PT

Since the election, liberal blogs and discussion sites have been raising a ruckus over an analysis of Florida voting results that's been spreading on the internet, which shows President Bush received a much higher number of votes than the number of registered Republicans in many counties."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Gangs = Terrorists?

Here is an interesting subject. Do you think that terrorists are contacting gangs to help facilitate their needs?

I heard this concept come up on a talk show. Since California and Arizona seem to have wide open borders, it seems quite likely that terrorists can come up from Mexico and enter the U.S. "disguised" as Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal. They obtain the necessary Mexican papers and learn the language. Being that gangs operate similarly as mini-terrorist groups, it would be a logical next step for Al Qaeda.

Also, everyone in America is so complacent with the attitude of "it's been 3 years and nothing has happened" that we do not watch our security as closely as we should. Major terrorist plots take many years to develop. As I heard said, "terrorist time is not the same as American time."

Let's hope we are ready!

Monday, November 08, 2004

da Vinci, a roboticist?

I came across this in Wired. What a cool article! Da Vinci is definitely one of the most interesting historical figures. What did da Vinci NOT do?

Wired 12.11: The Real da Vinci Code: "The Real da Vinci Code
Is his mysterious three-wheeled cart a proto automobile? A remote-controlled robot? A rolling Renaissance computer? The quest to rebuild Leonardo's 'impossible machine.'
By Tom VanderbiltPage 1 of 3 next �

Friday, November 05, 2004

Crazy Middle East

An AP story on Yahoo. Of course they were dancing. Don't Arabs dance and celebrate after a successful terrorist strike? This guy Erekat must be living in his own little world void of all reality. Then, again, that's what they say of me. This will become a very scarey region of the world, like it's not already.

Yahoo! News - Arafat in a Coma; Doctors Say He's Stable: "Erekat, meanwhile, chided Israel after a group of several dozen Israelis danced and sang in celebration in a Jerusalem street after initial media reports Thursday that Arafat was dead.

'I really hope that they will show some sensitivity and respect' for 'their neighbors' emotions,' Erekat told AP Radio. He called the celebration 'absolutely inappropriate.'"

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Is Here!

Ok folks. Get out there and vote. I really do not care who what when and where you vote. This is a non-partisan site. (I just wanted to say that and hyphenate it because it's fun.)

I voted. Done. I had no problem with the machine, in our case a scanner. Most of the issues I saw while waiting in line were all operator error. Either the person voted filled in too many ovals or used silly check marks. The machine itself ran just fine. I think one person tried to put the thing in the scanner backwards! Oh, is that what those arrows mean?!

The most difficult part of voting today was finding the poll. The signs were small and not very well placed. Other than that, do not let the news media scare you off about how difficult it is to vote! Just do it!

Have fun.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Election Day is Coming

Yes, it is almost here. The whining duo continue to make attacks on each other. No one knows what either side stands for. They are beginning to cross promote each other. Oh, the head begins to wildly spin.

Who will win? Is there really going to be a winner?

Well, off to study some more. I think the propositions and measures need some attention. Oh, the Congressional and Senatorial races are there too. This is a big one.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Hey, it's almost Halloween!

Let's hope the idiots stay inside this year so the children can have some fun. I hate to see people get hit by cars, hurt by M80s, and poisoned or somthing. There are many scarey individuals out there, so take care when having fun!

OOOOOH, I really hate those jerks that steal pumpkins and smash them in the street. If I catch one of them, I think I will exercise my right to bare arms. Well, if I owned any arms.

Off to do more work!

Monday, October 18, 2004


Whoa. I rediscoverd photography. That is my excuse for slacking and I'm sticking to it! Maybe I will do a piece photographing idiots. This would be a full time job, but I do not think I could get paid. I wonder if I could find a finacial backer on that one? IPO?

That said, I hope the idiot's of the world unite and create that Federation of Planets thing in Star Trek.


Monday, October 11, 2004

Baseball Tonight

Ooooh, I hope ESPN doesn't sue for that title!

Congrats to Houston for taking out Atlanta in a big way tonight.

The St. Louis is the team to beat, though. They just looked way to good and when they begin to hit, watch out. The series with the Astros will be a good one to watch. Looks like there may be some ratings for the t.v. out there. Yanks and Sox will be a big East coast t.v. ratings win.

Let's now watch and see who ends up in the World (Really not) Series!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Presidential Debate

I will have to admit, I did not watch the debate. I forgot it was on. How? I do not regularly watch the major networks. Nor do I like CNN, Fox, or any other news/media outlet. They are all liars.

Would I have watched? Maybe. I would have been much more interested if representatives from the other parties, Independent and Libertarian for example, were invited. America needs to hear from other views. We cannot just sit here and watch two outdated parties play with our livelyhood. I am tired of hearing from and about Kerry who plans on giving the country away. I am tired of hearing Bush having to answer the same questions about Iraq. We pretty much know all that.

I do not think Kerry is very rational regarding is statement of creating 10 million jobs in four years. That is realistically impossible unless you count the jobs that he will allow illegal immigrants to take. What Kerry does know is his wife has all the money and if he taxes the rich he will find a loophole so they will not get hit so hard.
I do not think the Bush can make the world a safer place in the next four years. As long as there are extremists that feel they can kill, maim, behead, etc. the world is not safe for us. What Bush does know is that the world hates the U.S.

Please, someone, make heads or tails out of this. From what I have read and heard is that there were no real winners in the debate. The same political rhetoric continues to spew.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mount St. Helens

Here's some learning for you. St. Helen's is beginning to show signs of waking. Check out the volcano cam. Of course it is cloudy today. Reports have it that many earthquakes have occurred over the last week. Overnight there have been a few 2.0 quakes. I'm going to check the cam periodically. I wonder if we will be able to see anything if it erupts.

Learning is cool!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Christ of the Illegals

Here's a good story. These people think that a fiberglass statue is a sign? Yeah, it's a sign that some delivery truck or person did not know how to tie a knot! Maybe some kids thought it was a joke to toss it in the river? Yet these people think it is a "sign". Well, it ain't a stop sign.

The story from Reuters: Christ of the Undocumented

I wonder what other signs will pop up now.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

End of another busy weekend

Damn, missed much in the news this weekend.
Hey, we had our first comment posted! Thanks to Anonymous (what a name) for the post. Not a bad one, either.

I am bummed that those people in Florida got their asses whooped again by another hurricane. Jeanne did what they didn't want it to do. Being true Americans, those people will pull up their bootstraps, or thong straps, and start to rebuild. The rest of us will help with donations and of course our tax money that Bush will send their way. Rebuild! Hang in there, we are here to help!

Damn hockey players/owners still holding out I see. Better check on that status.

All is well here. Late!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Wireless Tumors?

I was just wondering, with all this WI-FI and wireless this and wireless that, when will we hear the first of such things as WI-FI causes cancer and tumors? People were scared when posulations began that cell phones cause tumors. Well, wireless network cards and access points and routers work on virtually the same principle. Tumors in your fingers? How about eyeball cancer? Let's keep an eye out for this to creep up some time in the future. ;-)

Hurricane Jeanne

Wow, a cool story and some pictures about the hurricane on the NOAA web site.
Hurricane Jeanne

It looks like a typical cloudy day. Eyes of storms are pretty darn cool if you think about it. Everything turns around it. I bet it was one bumpy ride for those on the plane.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Hello all ILLEGALS. Why not try to come into the states LEGALLY?

Hello Governator: Well done on the veto to allow ILLEGALs driver licenses.

Hey, did you know that many hosipital emergency rooms are CLOSING down due to ILLEGALS! They are losing money. (Duh.) Now if YOU have a medical emergency, YOU will have to travel further or just plain die. Good luck.

This topic makes me sick. I'm going now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Healthcare for Clinton

We all hate to see people in need of health care and we hope that Pres. Clinton recovers quickly. Unfortunately for those who advocate government health care, there is a side that I found very interesting. In an article I found at the Cato Institute web site, Speedy Health Care , it was interesting to see a comparison of our current health care and that of Canada's. This is very eye-opening for those who think that national health care is a good thing. Please read and be open minded.


I really hate the news. Yes, it is sad that another innocent person was killed by this wacked group. Isn't it obvious that we should just go in and get them? Kill them? How can a liberal person sit there and say, "Let's talk with them and find out what is wrong?" I'll tell you what is wrong. They hate US. The hate the U.S. They hate the fact that we are RICH? They are JEALOUS. They hate the fact that we, the people, have a say in what our country does. They hate democracy.

Face it folks. It does not matter who is in the Oval Office. There will always be this hate. If Kerry is in office, they will continue to blow us up. They will continue to undermine our way of life. Remember that these same people who hate us also use our lifestyle to learn and fight us. They are HYPOCRITES! See what happens when you become an extremist?

Since we have such a weak President, they are going to take advantage of us. If Kerry is in there, we would have a weaker President. Let's look to see if there is another stronger candidate. I have a feeling that come 2008, we will be dust. Stand up and pick the best of the worst, don't let them start killing our children in our schools. Grow balls, America. Don't sit back and listen to whining politicians, it is time to vote people into offices that will represent YOU! Do IT! Make yourself heard!


Friday, September 17, 2004

Gotta learn

I must learn how to manipulate templates. This site is pretty cool. I may use it as my permanent site. test. Neet. Tested a keyboard shortcut. This is my web site. I plan to add some posts as the days go by. Some/most are about the stupid drivers out on the road. I drive a lot, so I just get so fed up with the whole thing.

Gotta get back to work or else I will get my little hands slapped.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The first One here

Testing to see if this will make a good blog site.

Any comments are welcome. If it gets out of hand, comments will be limited. No children are allowed to Play! Let us all be adults here. The reason for is to let people look and see how stupid people react and what they do. I fall for some of these antics, too. We all do.