Monday, December 13, 2004

In the News!

And the top stories today are:

More people die in Iraq.
The stock market is up, no, down, no, up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Aw, you get the point.
One racist is calling another racist a racist for being a racist.
Bush did something.
Bush appointed someone.
Bush still thinks he knows what he is doing.
Someone is building WMDs.
Our borders are still open.

In the weather:

Hot in the southern hemisphere, cold in the Northern.
Rain, snow, wind, dry, heat.

In Sports:

Roll models?

And that is the news. Thanks for joining us.


Anonymous said...

ok. first of all learn the correct usage of "roll". it sounds like role but it means adifferent thing. my kindergarten teacher tought me that but maybe your from an area with worse public schools. secondly, i can't say i disagree with some of you ideas. but you use a totally idiotic way to look at them. you are the most severely misinformed person i've seen blogging. by the way, this is coming from a 14 year old.

Anonymous said...

Dude, let's see. I may disagree with this blogger, but I think his grammar is a bit better than this 14 year old's.

"secondly, i can't say i disagree with some of you ideas. but you use a totally idiotic way to look at them."

You ideas, eh? Try "your". Next, try a comma after ideas and before but, e.g. ...your ideas, but....

As for this particular blog posting, I think you over looked the dry humor that is involved here. Have you ever watched the news? It looks like Bill is poking fun at the lack of depth the media has risen to while at the same time poking fun at our President. As for "roll" model, I guess he is entitled to making mistakes just like you.


Wolf_Angel said...

Dude Bush is a moron, lets keep attacking for no reason, why correct them and make them like us. Look around America is scewed as they are.


Anonymous said...

Bush is a bum. Does he deserve to be in the news?????

Anonymous said...

Bush never should have been re-elected, and personally I think that the media needs to screw Bush over as much as possible. Also, that we need to soke up as much dry humor as we can for the next 4 years!!! Lastly, everyone is entitled to their mistakes.
This is all coming from an 11 year old kid.

Anonymous said...

if you aren't happy with who the president is, then move out of the country. be glad you live in a country that is free and that doesn't have to worry about being dictated.

Anonymous said...

Moving out of the country is completely out of the question, if you want me to move out I really couldn't care less! This country (America, in case you didn't realize that that is the country we are talking about) is supposed to be about free speech, and so I can tell that you are probably a Bush supporter, because Bush does not promite free speech, or talk of the government.
Also, about being thankful we are not ruled by dictatorship, bush is as close as it gets, he tells the CIA to stop democrats coming to his speechs, and from protesting.
So, my conclusion is that if you have a problem with living in the same country as me, then you should move out.
(do you live in the U.S.?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm sure I'll be blasted beyond belief on this one, but I gotta say this. I think that Bush is flying down the road to dictatorship. I also think that the election was BULLSHIT. I know people who had to stand in line for 7 hours to vote, because the local government (which, suprisingly, was republican) had chosen to put only 2 voting booths in their area. This area was one of the bigger in the city, but since it was shown to be predominantly Democrat in the polls, there weren't even close to enough places to vote for people. Coincidence? NO. Worse yet, in smaller republican areas, there were MORE voting stations. Gee... Hopefully everyone will be fed up with the man's BS in four years, so that we can elect someone that can resist the urge to smirk while he is asked about civilian casualties in Iraq. (Presuming they don't re-write our constitution so that Bush can be elected for a third term, with our "national safety" as an excuse.)