Saturday, October 30, 2004

Election Day is Coming

Yes, it is almost here. The whining duo continue to make attacks on each other. No one knows what either side stands for. They are beginning to cross promote each other. Oh, the head begins to wildly spin.

Who will win? Is there really going to be a winner?

Well, off to study some more. I think the propositions and measures need some attention. Oh, the Congressional and Senatorial races are there too. This is a big one.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Hey, it's almost Halloween!

Let's hope the idiots stay inside this year so the children can have some fun. I hate to see people get hit by cars, hurt by M80s, and poisoned or somthing. There are many scarey individuals out there, so take care when having fun!

OOOOOH, I really hate those jerks that steal pumpkins and smash them in the street. If I catch one of them, I think I will exercise my right to bare arms. Well, if I owned any arms.

Off to do more work!

Monday, October 18, 2004


Whoa. I rediscoverd photography. That is my excuse for slacking and I'm sticking to it! Maybe I will do a piece photographing idiots. This would be a full time job, but I do not think I could get paid. I wonder if I could find a finacial backer on that one? IPO?

That said, I hope the idiot's of the world unite and create that Federation of Planets thing in Star Trek.


Monday, October 11, 2004

Baseball Tonight

Ooooh, I hope ESPN doesn't sue for that title!

Congrats to Houston for taking out Atlanta in a big way tonight.

The St. Louis is the team to beat, though. They just looked way to good and when they begin to hit, watch out. The series with the Astros will be a good one to watch. Looks like there may be some ratings for the t.v. out there. Yanks and Sox will be a big East coast t.v. ratings win.

Let's now watch and see who ends up in the World (Really not) Series!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Presidential Debate

I will have to admit, I did not watch the debate. I forgot it was on. How? I do not regularly watch the major networks. Nor do I like CNN, Fox, or any other news/media outlet. They are all liars.

Would I have watched? Maybe. I would have been much more interested if representatives from the other parties, Independent and Libertarian for example, were invited. America needs to hear from other views. We cannot just sit here and watch two outdated parties play with our livelyhood. I am tired of hearing from and about Kerry who plans on giving the country away. I am tired of hearing Bush having to answer the same questions about Iraq. We pretty much know all that.

I do not think Kerry is very rational regarding is statement of creating 10 million jobs in four years. That is realistically impossible unless you count the jobs that he will allow illegal immigrants to take. What Kerry does know is his wife has all the money and if he taxes the rich he will find a loophole so they will not get hit so hard.
I do not think the Bush can make the world a safer place in the next four years. As long as there are extremists that feel they can kill, maim, behead, etc. the world is not safe for us. What Bush does know is that the world hates the U.S.

Please, someone, make heads or tails out of this. From what I have read and heard is that there were no real winners in the debate. The same political rhetoric continues to spew.