Friday, October 01, 2004

Presidential Debate

I will have to admit, I did not watch the debate. I forgot it was on. How? I do not regularly watch the major networks. Nor do I like CNN, Fox, or any other news/media outlet. They are all liars.

Would I have watched? Maybe. I would have been much more interested if representatives from the other parties, Independent and Libertarian for example, were invited. America needs to hear from other views. We cannot just sit here and watch two outdated parties play with our livelyhood. I am tired of hearing from and about Kerry who plans on giving the country away. I am tired of hearing Bush having to answer the same questions about Iraq. We pretty much know all that.

I do not think Kerry is very rational regarding is statement of creating 10 million jobs in four years. That is realistically impossible unless you count the jobs that he will allow illegal immigrants to take. What Kerry does know is his wife has all the money and if he taxes the rich he will find a loophole so they will not get hit so hard.
I do not think the Bush can make the world a safer place in the next four years. As long as there are extremists that feel they can kill, maim, behead, etc. the world is not safe for us. What Bush does know is that the world hates the U.S.

Please, someone, make heads or tails out of this. From what I have read and heard is that there were no real winners in the debate. The same political rhetoric continues to spew.


Anonymous said...

Why are you a Democrat?

Anonymous said...

the world does not hate the US. that's a crock. you have been watching too much TV and reading too many articles that are run by media owned by partisan liberals that want the US to be a socialist society. in my career, i have met people from just about every country in the world and i always ask them point blank what they think of the US. almost everyone replies the same... " i want to live there because America is great."

Anonymous said...

Right, I disagree with the last comment.
Have you ever considered living in someone else's country?
I'm from the Netherlands, and when I ask people about Bush, i'ts always the same answer, namely
"He's a liar, and the worlds worst president."
I don't know if Kerry would do a better job, but I can say most of the Dutch disgust the US.

Anonymous said...

vote third party. They have no chance of winning, but at least with more votes there might be a more plausible option than the demopublican ticket in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the statments written. Kerry is somewhat of a fool but Bush is the bigger fool. The American people only really care about how much their complicated double talk will cost us, whether it be our troops in Iraq, or our taxes here at home. I will flip a coin to pick the worste of the two evils. Either way i will lose in the end somehow.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think that it is about time that someone makes it clear that the anonymous writing a lot in this article is a hypocrytical third party extremist that needs to pay a little more to how little experience Nader has, and stop cryticising people for their opinions or party preference on the now former election.

Further more he should realize that the one in an offensive position in the debate was Kerry. And that Bush was sweating and stuttering trying to defend himself. Also Nader does not stand in any position on a large majority of the major issues. I think that Nader really needs to get a life, and a better, more creative, less repetitive, and less likelyhood of failing job idea.

Lastly, I would like to thank anonymous for mentioning education.

-I am a current 6th grader and would like to thankyou for taking my opinion into consideration!

Bill said...

Hey "6th grader"! Thanks for the insightful post. You are very well learned for you age. Feel free to contribute anytime.


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Anonymous said...

if I could vote I would vote for kerry

Anonymous said...

^10 year old 5th grader