Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Twitter Account Open


I just moved up to the year 2002. I now have a twitter account. Twitter Idiotwebmaster for the latest updates.

Nice. Now you can get up to date idiot feeds. Well, at least when I remember to do them. ;-)


Sunday, November 16, 2008

NationMaster - Soft drink consumption (most recent) by country

NationMaster - Soft drink consumption (most recent) by country

I should post a side-bar or something on the website for this type of stuff. So, you are proud to be an American? I know I am, but after seeing this stat, well, it makes me wonder.

We drink a boat load of soft drinks compared to the rest of the world. No wonder we are all fat!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Truck Dick

So this jerk comes speeding up our residential street at about 50mph. That is a guess, but he was flying. He stopped at the corner liquor store, so I had time to grab the camera and take the shots. You can find them here:

Truck Dick - Speeder

I am fed up with these people. If I can get more shots, I will post them. Note that a license plate is shown! Send the jerk some letters!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama & McCain

Obama: I will not vote for you. I do not believe you are sincere. Quit trying to make us thing you are anything but a friend to Islam. Until Islam proves to me that it is a peaceful religion (or cult) I will not trust them. I hold this true for any religion. Quite aligning yourself with murderous people.

McCain: I will not vote for you. I do not like your cowardice and inability to take a stand. I respect you for what you did serving this country and your imprisonment. I still won't vote for you until you prove that you are strong enough to lead us.

Both: Wake up and give us a stand. Quit catering to the middle ground. Quit kissing the assess of the lobbyist. Take a stand and do what is right for this country. Make us feel secure and empower us with a feeling of pride for this country. I think illegals have more pride for this country than the actual citizens. Tell the world how you feel about the Middle East. Tell the world how you will help those who will help themselves. Stop being wishy-washy. Most of all quite promising what you cannot deliver.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trader Joe's Pull Chinese Products

Wow. Check out these stories: L.A. Times, ABC News, and the Huffington Post.

I guess a few people have a say in what a grocery store sells. Do you hear people complaining at the big stores? Are people really that afraid? Of course this isn't as bad as the city in Florida that is attempting to ban ALL products from China. ABC News.

Have you really looked at the people that shop at stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods? Diet conscious, health conscious, and UGLY! Just goes to show that healthy does not always mean better! I digress.

Is it really that big of a deal? Is China really that "bad" or is it a perception that the media focuses on? We know about the Mattel thing. A couple of other things happen. Does it really mean that everything from this country is bad? I find it interesting to see how cultures collide like this. I also find it interesting the different standards placed on things in each culture/country. I am not overly concerned about products from China. I do believe the Chinese government is aware of the situation and will correct any issues with quality. On the other hand, I bet a study of quality of U.S. goods would show up some interesting results rivaling that of other countries. Let's start with the automobile! ;-)

In a way, as long as there are different cultures and different people, there will always be some sort of conflict. "Can't we all just get along?" This doesn't seem likely.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: Now Go Vote!

If you are in one of the Stupid Tuesday states, GET OUT AND VOTE!

I really think people do not understand the importance of any election. Even if your person or proposition does not win, those votes against show the world that not everyone is happy. If the candidates who win are smart, they will look at those who did not vote for them and ask, "why?" Most have their own agenda, though. That is unfortunate.

Still, get out there are vote. If you are not registered to vote, make sure you are before the general election!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Planned Faux Paux

So on my web site I referenced McCain as the VP. No one has made a comment on this. Interesting. Are people thinking I'm an idiot? I am at times. We all are.

As for McCain. I cannot believe people think he is the one to beat the Demoncrats. It will be one hell of a race this year. I guess we are in for one hell of a future. Keep your eyes on the Far East on wait to see how nuts those are in the Middle East.

Oh, as for McCain being the VP, at least he is alive and kicking versus Cheney the alive and who knows when he drops.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pres. Race Update - Jan 3, 2008

Apparently Iowans are pretty dense. Would I, as a Democrat, vote for Obama? No. As a Republican for Huckabee? No. Actually, would I vote for Clinton? No. Iowans did! So much for this country if we go by CNN and MSNBC. Iowa makes or breaks the elections.

Right now I really do not have a "favorite" candidate, but if I had to choose today it would be Mitt Romney. That can change tomorrow, but at least this one has some brains and common sense. I would never vote for Hillary, Obama, McCain, or the rest as I believe they are all fake and bought their way to "power" very similar to how other "democracies" work around the world.

I'm glad that Hillary's "buy out" did not work. I'm talking about the bribes of providing child care and car service. Nice idea, but I consider it a bribe. I thought that stuff was illegal in campaigning.

There's my couple of pennies. We'll make a new Election '08 home page here shortly.