Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pres. Race Update - Jan 3, 2008

Apparently Iowans are pretty dense. Would I, as a Democrat, vote for Obama? No. As a Republican for Huckabee? No. Actually, would I vote for Clinton? No. Iowans did! So much for this country if we go by CNN and MSNBC. Iowa makes or breaks the elections.

Right now I really do not have a "favorite" candidate, but if I had to choose today it would be Mitt Romney. That can change tomorrow, but at least this one has some brains and common sense. I would never vote for Hillary, Obama, McCain, or the rest as I believe they are all fake and bought their way to "power" very similar to how other "democracies" work around the world.

I'm glad that Hillary's "buy out" did not work. I'm talking about the bribes of providing child care and car service. Nice idea, but I consider it a bribe. I thought that stuff was illegal in campaigning.

There's my couple of pennies. We'll make a new Election '08 home page here shortly.

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