Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Frivolous Lawsuit

Hot dogs should carry a warning label, lawsuit says - Los Angeles Times

Once again people will NOT take responsibility for themselves and ask the government and law makers to protect them. 

DO NOT EAT HOTDOGS IF YOU FEEL THEY ARE UNSAFE!  You do not need someone to tell you that. 

Again, people are, in general, idiots! 

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Health Care Continues

ObamaCare: Who Gets Hit And How Hard -

It is interesting to hear the stories on this.  I do not think the proposed bill will fix much for anyone.  It also punishes those that produce and drive our nation. 

I agree we need a reform, but I do not believe in a national health care system.  England is a mess and we have had personal experience with Canada's mess.  Someone we knew was stuck in the HALLWAY and needing oxygen was ignored for almost 2 days! 

I say we fix our current problem by:

>>Not allowing pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to the public.  People are stupid by nature and will believe anything they see on the "boob tube". 
>>Insurance companies should not be allowed to dictate what treatment is prescribed for a patients.  Everyone is different and must be treated accordingly.  Only, we suppose, doctors know what is best.  You know the professionals.
>>There must be a way to get insurance for those with existing medical conditions, especially those who did not ask for such conditions.

Things I will not pay for:
Smokers killing themselves.
Drug addicts.
Other poeple's birth control. 

I think you get the picture.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goddamn Jackasses!

Went to a Costco today. Picked up a T.V. Nice. Went out to dinner when we discovered some jackass scraped the side of my car! Asshole! Fucker! Dick! No note. Nothing. Scraped the plastic and left a bunch of blue paint. It could have been worse.

Here's what I think. Most people in the world do not care about anything but two things: 1. Themselves, and 2. How will the government take care of them. Oh, wait that is redundant.

No one. No one takes responsibility for themselves or their actions. Integrity? Where has that gone? All these people do is blame others. Blame their friends if they have to. For what? Some goddamn jackass damages someones property and runs! That pisses me off to no end. Goddamn sons of bitches!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Interesting Article on the New Engergy Bill

Will The Global Warming Bill Cool The Global Economy? -

This was an interesting read, though long.  I do not like this particular bill.  I think it was a rush job by Obama to "stick" with his promises made during his campaign.  There are many alternatives out there and I believe taxes would go up, but not like what this one does.  Oh, and the cost of energy would go up too.  In a time like now, more taxes and more costs to the consumer would not help a recovery.  Overall, we be hurtin'. 

Ethanol is a waste.  For some reason politicians think it is more important to grow corn for fuel than feed people who are starving WITHIN our country.  Geez.  I am a fan of biodiesel, but I have no way of implementing it in my life.  Ah, the chicken and egg thing!  How can people take advantage of environmental saving products if the products do not exist?  Likewise why manufacture environmentally friendly products if no one will buy them?  And, they will most likely be manufactured in China or some other country because the cost of labor in this country is so high. 

Not a lot of the liberal good feelings come out of this.  Feel free to weigh in on your view. 

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