Thursday, August 16, 2007

People + Email = Easy Spam Targets

So I'm doing my daily browse of RSS feeds and hit on the F-Secure one. Again, as many times in the past, I see warnings and analysis of the number of spam attacks. As I read the articles there is only one thought that comes to mind:


I cannot believe the number of people that will open up and email that says something about receiving an ecard from an UNKNOWN individual! Then they proceed to click on the link within the email asking to download something first! Then they actually install said download! Check out the blog entry here.

One would think that if people would become less idiotic that maybe spam would decrease. No, it's the opposite. I think people are that hard up to "meet" new people and receive new things that it will only get worse.

Come on people. Get a clue and stop being so stupid!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pissing In Public. La Mesa, CA

If you ever wish to visit La Mesa in California watch where you walk. I was out there walking when I witnessed 2 Hispanics pissing outside a liquor store! URINATING on the sidewalk! No, these were not your illegal immigrants, these were college looking types that obviously were out partying and needed to restock. Instead of making a pit stop prior to heading out, they waited until they were at the store!

This seems to be a common theme in San Diego communities since I moved out here years ago. Apparently the people who live here do not seem to care about the city, the people who are elected to run the city do not care about the city, and those who go to school here definitely do not care about the city. Drinking seems to be the thing to do in S.D.

I hope the city of La Mesa, a burb of San Diego, is proud of the people who live and visit their community.