Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Town to Immigrants......

Interesting article in Reuters today (HERE).

This brings up a very interesting question: If an immigrant moves from their country to another country, must the new country recognize the immigrants' culture and incorporate their culture into the new country's, or must the immigrant conform to the laws and culture of the new country?

A second question: Is there a happy median where the two cultures adapt a bit of each, thus enhancing the so-called quality of life?

As for a culture that permits killing others, I would have to say NO, the immigrant must conform to the laws and culture of the new country. As for other cultural differences, there is no reason why the two cannot intermingle. This is where the conflicts occur with fundamentalists. Personally if there is a law prohibiting carrying weapons in place, the immigrant should conform. Ceremonial daggers should be kept in the home not in schools. Also, I find it sad a gym had to install frosted glass because some find the sight of adults exercising offensive. Close your drapes or blinds if you don't want to see this happening!

No wonder people in this world will continuously be at war. We will never learn to live together.
Oh, so sad.

Friday, January 19, 2007


OK, I need to vent. I'm sitting at my desk and the boss comes in to do something and turns the monitors up. Loud music is playing. He does his thing and WALKS OUT WITHOUT TURNING THE VOLUME BACK DOWN! Just up and leaves.


I cannot believe this guy has no courtesy. I don't want this loud stuff playing in my ear. Do you damn work and then turn it back down to normal. Then I get up to turn it down and find that the channel nearest me is turned up higher than the other! Major asshole in this respect. Come to think of it this guy respects no one unless you have a title and he can get somewhere by brown-nosing said person with title. If you are nothing else, then you are just that, nothing.

I can't wait for these new evaluation forms we need to do! Heeeheeeheeee.