Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is This A Just War?

Bomb kills Iraqi children gathered around U.S. troops -

After reading this article the more I feel that we should carpet bomb the whole area and let nature take its course thereafter. Or, we pull out and put a fence around the whole area and let the "tribes" do themselves in.

I don't think the latter would work as some stupid country would support one side or the other. (If only there were sides!) The UN would have to police the rest of the world to stay out of that area until the victor is chosen.

Carpet bombing with nukes, making glass our of the whole area, would be a quick end to the mess. Unfortunately it would cause a new mess.

As you can see, the middle east, once know as a center of intelligence and learning, is just a waste of time and a lose-lose situation for anyone interested in "playing" there. I see no good whether we stay or leave. It is so depressing that these people are willing to kill children for their own means. Sickening.

No more, please?

Friday, November 16, 2007

NAACP Idiot Demonstration

I came across this news story. Stories like these never seem to make the mainstream news.
Robbery = Racism

Of course the NAACP calls this a racist case. Everyone with common sense does not see the black and white of this. What educated folks see is 3 men breaking in and getting caught. Two get shot and die, the third is charged with murder because he was part of the robbery and assault. For once this makes sense. If these jack asses did not break into this house NO ONE WOULD BE DEAD! I think the two that died deserved it. I don't give a hoot how desperate they were or how "down and out" they were. It is wrong and illegal. So be it.

Why would the NAACP protect this lone criminal? He's black. What nonsense. If anyone is racist it is the NAACP.

Friday, November 02, 2007

OMG! Writers on Strike!

Can anyone tell me why I should be concerned about the writers going on strike? See the NYT article: NYT. Can you tell me why I am even writing about the writers going on strike?

I'll answer the second one: Because we are all idiots and think that we cannot live without these folks. I think we can survive just fine without them. I get especially miffed knowing that they make more money than I do writing stupid joke for Leno and Letterman. How about writing a screenplay for a movie?

It's the entertainment industry! ENTERTAINMENT for g's sake! Are people to the point where entertainment must be spoon fed? Can people not provide their own? I guess not. I bet you all go to YouTube. I've visited this place once. Sophomoric. I guess I am just a bland, boring individual.

If you want entertainment watch a presidential debate. Now there are a group of writers than need some serious help.

How do you think this writer's strike will affect you?