Friday, November 02, 2007

OMG! Writers on Strike!

Can anyone tell me why I should be concerned about the writers going on strike? See the NYT article: NYT. Can you tell me why I am even writing about the writers going on strike?

I'll answer the second one: Because we are all idiots and think that we cannot live without these folks. I think we can survive just fine without them. I get especially miffed knowing that they make more money than I do writing stupid joke for Leno and Letterman. How about writing a screenplay for a movie?

It's the entertainment industry! ENTERTAINMENT for g's sake! Are people to the point where entertainment must be spoon fed? Can people not provide their own? I guess not. I bet you all go to YouTube. I've visited this place once. Sophomoric. I guess I am just a bland, boring individual.

If you want entertainment watch a presidential debate. Now there are a group of writers than need some serious help.

How do you think this writer's strike will affect you?

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