Friday, November 16, 2007

NAACP Idiot Demonstration

I came across this news story. Stories like these never seem to make the mainstream news.
Robbery = Racism

Of course the NAACP calls this a racist case. Everyone with common sense does not see the black and white of this. What educated folks see is 3 men breaking in and getting caught. Two get shot and die, the third is charged with murder because he was part of the robbery and assault. For once this makes sense. If these jack asses did not break into this house NO ONE WOULD BE DEAD! I think the two that died deserved it. I don't give a hoot how desperate they were or how "down and out" they were. It is wrong and illegal. So be it.

Why would the NAACP protect this lone criminal? He's black. What nonsense. If anyone is racist it is the NAACP.


Anonymous said...

its about time naacp was put in thier place

Anonymous said...

how can they charge this blacK man with murder if he was not the shooter? i can understand the robbery and assault part but, not murder! maybe they feel like they can just pin this murder charge on HIM because they can do that! make sure he never see the streets again!! why not just charge that man with the crime he committed, thats more than fair, huh? maybe that's why the NAACP is involved because let it would have been some white guys, the last one standing wouldn't get charged up like this young man!! they probably would take it light on him, give him a little time or something and let him walk-but not this black man. they are going to charge him with murder! i do not think the NAACP is the racist ones i feel like they are just standing up for their people and telling it like it is and these white folks can't take it!