Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seattle airport removes Christmas trees to avoid lawsuit -

Seattle airport removes Christmas trees to avoid lawsuit -

GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!!! I cannot believe what this freakin' world has come to. Who really gives a damn if an airport puts up Christmas trees or Menorahs or Jack Shit! The trees look nice, smell nice (if real), and add to the sense of the holidays. Todays Christmas tress are less a religious symbol that being symbols of a holiday season.

I think I will start a religion and add a holiday, very much like those nuts that started Qwanza or whatever that is. Then I will go around demanding that my symbol be put into public areas next to the trees and candles and crack pots!

Religion is ruining this world!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Just a Game for Christ Sake! - NFL - Youth coach caught on tape attacking ref - Wednesday November 15, 2006 11:03AM

I just cannot believe this is happening in this world, in this country. People are taking this sport stuff way to seriously. Another give me a break moment!

Grown ups need to grow up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

If you thought it wasn't so, read this....

The Rape of Europe | The Brussels Journal

Very intriguing. I wonder how true this is. If this is true, then we are all doomed. I guess being PC is not good for your health after all.

Good luck Europe.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dumb Dad!

Police: Dad pulls gun on coach to get son in ball game -

This is getting way out of hand. Let the kids play and let the coach decide how he wants to use his players. this is how the children learn what life is about. I think the parent's need to grow up!

Cool Science

Dinosaur fossil spills its guts, out come worms -

Now this is cool. Wonder what they will find next?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Tag

School bans tag, other chase games -

See what has happened to our country! Schools are afraid to let kids play! No wonder Americans are FAT! Again, frivolous lawsuits are killing this country. ARgh.

OMG! 1/2 hour wait?! Oh, the world is ending

Chris Rock's mom:�Cracker Barrel discriminated -

I can't believe it. I've waited a half hour to be served at restaraunts before. I think one time it was a Cracker Barrel, too. BTW, CB is a very good place to chow down.

Give it up. Just leave the place next time. Frivolous lawsuit watch needs updating!

Friday, September 22, 2006

State Sues Automakers????

UPDATE 4-California sues carmakers over global warming�|�

Give me an F**'n break. The auto makers are not responsible for global warming. Take some god damned responsibility for yourselves. Motoring began long ago and no one, I repeat no one even knew of the dangers of the emissions issue. Only over time did we learn more about the potential problems. If there is anyone to blame it is us who continue to purchase these vehicles. In our economy it is the consumer that will dictate what is going to "win". If we can educate ourselves, the stupid, then we can improve our future.


Who Can You Trust?

And the grad students most likely to cheat are...�|�Oddly Enough�|�

Well, I guess to be in business you need to know how to cheat. What drives this need to cheat? Everyone seems to have this desire to cheat. From gamers to grad students, and even in the work place, cheating is the norm.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Minimum Wage

Not again! Minimum wage is raised again! What the hell are people thinking?! Can someone explain to me how raising the minimum wage helps anyone? Anyways, I wrote an opinion on this very subject a couple of years back. You can find it here. Minimum Wage.


Friday, May 19, 2006

da Vinci Code

I plan on seeing the da Vinci Code, how about you? I cannot believe there are people so insecure about their religion that they must boycott a story. Fiction. That's all it is. Who really gives a crap whether there is any truth in there. Is it a good story? I thought the book was good even though there are those who think it was poorly written. No Pulitzer, but it was a good story. S---T----O----R----Y.

Maybe I will go this weekend after work. It's either that or that over publicized Flight 93 movie. I hope I just offended someone just now.

Truth is, I don't think I am ready to see or be reminded of that dreaded day. I still have pangs of anger at this whole crazy world we live in.

Cell phones that do everything

How many out there really want a phone that does everything: play music, watch TV, record conversations, keeps contacts, is a walkie-talkie, takes pictures, shoots movies...? You get the picture.

Do you want your phone to do everything or do you just want to make calls to your little friends?

My phone for work is an electronic leash. At the same time it gives me the flexibility to not have to be in the office all day. I have a Treo 650. Nice phone. Bulky, though. It syncs with everything and then some. With the right apps I can keep current documents as I go or even VPN into the network (though I have not done that as of yet). Do I really need it? No. Do I want it? No. But then again, on the geek side, the answer is yes. Too bad it isn't a bit easier to carry. Maybe someone will come up with a shoulder holster or something better than a belt clip that makes it look like you have a tumor under your shirt.

What features do you like and dislike on your phones?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Immigrant Rights??????

Someone please help me understand this. What does the term "immigrant rights" mean? If you are an immigrant in the US legally, then you have rights. If you are an immigrant in the US illegally, then you are a criminal, thus no rights.

Is it that difficult to follow laws? I guess not if you come from a country that does not have laws.

Please explain to me what this all means?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Exams, No Exams

What do you think of the Exit Exam debacle in CA?

Should students who do not pass the exam be allowed to graduate?

Interesting subject.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Article Thoughts

I know I posted something about writing an article on religion. I am going to do it, but, hey, us working folks must make a living. I've been way busy building a studio. I hope to be on track soon.

That's the story and I'm sticking to it!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Comment Rejection

I actually had to reject a comment today. It was posted under a topic that the comment had no bearing on. It was a short comment that had no real subject. I think it was a kid that thought he/she or it was funny.

I am an advocate of free speach, but it must be on topic and somewhat intelligent. I say "somewhat" because I know that is all I am. In most cases I am just stating my opinion and how I view the story or situation. It may not be based on research, it may only be gut feelings on how something was written. Other times I may post on what I see.

I wonder if people really care about what is going on in this world or if they just think posting absurd comments is more important.

On the other hand, it just doesn't matter.

Sunday, March 05, 2006 - Muslims urged to make West 'bleed for years' - Mar 5, 2006 - Muslims urged to make West 'bleed for years' - Mar 5, 2006

So much for that "peaceful" religion. I plan a article with my thoughts on religion. This will be posted on the website soon.

What I do not understand, and it may be due to my ignorance, is this "stealing of Muslim's oil". Forgive me if I am wrong, but it is the governments of the Muslim countries that are allowing the sale of oil to other countries. Who owns these oil fields? I thought it was Muslims, as in the owners of the land. We just use it. I think these extremists need to deal with the source, not the users.

Otherwise, get with the times. If there is going to be free trade, then you must accept the business of buying and selling. Get over it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Enough Already!

Ok, it's over. Cheney shot someone. Big deal. It was an ACCIDENT! ACCIDENTS do happen. I don't care for how the Cheney group handled the press, but then again, I am very anti-press. This fixation is rediculous!

On the other hand does the press pound the story of Gore and his sweet deals in the United Arab Emerites and the 6 US ports that they will control? NO!

Wait, Cheney shot someone, we better cover that instead our asses from terrorists and radical wackos.

The media sucks. Life sucks.

You suck.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 - Poll: Too much homework? - Feb 8, 2006 - Poll: Too much homework? - Feb 8, 2006

Don't get me started, again, on education. In my opinion, children do not have more homework than I did, parents do not seem to be interested in their children's work, and the schools do not have teachers that assign work in a "mindful" way.

There are good points in the article. One teacher mentions that his kids do not have access to the internet from home so he makes time for research at school. Also, the kids concentrate better at school than at home. I know for some, I was one of them, I could not concentrate while others were around, I preferred a quite area without distractions. Teachers need to be aware of how a child responds to the environment. Parents need to learn that too.

Assigning homework is important. Being mindful of what to assign and home much makes a big difference. Some of the homework is practice. Math is that way. Much of the homework as the child grows up is a combination of the practice and research. The research and learning how to find information is very important.

I liked that survey result about affluent parents not spending time with their children on homework. I figure this is because they always had things done for them, so why should they help with their children. I can only think of Columbine when I read that. There was very little parent interaction in that child's home and looked how that turned out.

Homework is good for children. They need to have homework. The balance must be right, though. I child needs to be a child and have time for play. This does not mean sitting in front of a television set or a computer, either. We are talking interaction with friends and family.

Thursday, February 02, 2006 - Lawsuit: iPods may cause ... eh? - Feb 1, 2006 - Lawsuit: iPods may cause ... eh? - Feb 1, 2006

Oh, no! It didn't take long for this one! First of all, Yeah, stupid, any device that requires you to wear earbuds, headphones, and earphones may cause you to go deaf. Only intelligent individuals KNOW that turning the volume up too loud will do the damage. Smart people will not turn it up so you cannot hear the rest of the world around you. Next cell phone manufacturers will get dinged with the same type of suit.

This just solidifies my belief that there is no longer any common sense in the world. People have become too damned stupid for their own good. Maybe we should let the government protect us from ourselves. That way we won't hurt our ourselves and file stupid law suits. Once again, I hope the judge throws this one out.

Put a warning on this!

Andrea Yates & CNN Poll

I almost fell out of my chair this morning. I saw the stupid CNN poll asking if Yates should be in jail or in a mental hospital. I then looked at the response tally and it is almost a 50/50 race!

I wonder what the split would be if the choice was between being a congress woman or in a mental hospital. Or Congress woman and in jail. Oh, wait, congress is a mental hospital!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Drivers: A Bitch Session

Asshole with Texas plates. This person decides that it is easier/better to get in front of me on the freeway rather than fall behind me. First, I was at least 3/4 or a car length in front in the number 4 lane, he was in the #3 lane. NO ONE was behind me and I was 1 car length behind the vehicle in front of me. Said A-hole wants to get over 2 lanes, so he speeds up and forces his way in front of me then merges in front of another car in the 5th lane causing that car to suddenly break. I guess Texas spawns some real winners, eh?

The second is the stop sign running bitch. I come to a stop at a 4-way. The car to my left was already there, thus having the right of way. That car proceeds. I then proceed, but what to my amazement, the car behind the first car rolls right on through and never fully stopped at the stop sign. Oh, how tempting it is to just ram a person like that. I really think this arrogant bitch believes the laws are not meant for her.

Ah, the joys of driving.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Intelligent Design

Does this subject confuse you? Well, maybe this won't help more.

Has anyone thought that maybe the Big Bang was caused by an intelligent being, entity, omniscient thing? If one thinks this way, could the Big Bang be called Intelligent Design? Maybe our universe is just a result of some larger universe and some kid in that universe spit up some bad grub and we are the biological, bacterialogical stuff that is mixed with that spitum.

You all do realize that everything is theory and there are no concrete, set in stone, facts, right? Evolution is a theory. I would say God is a theory. Intelligent Design is a theory. The only reason some theories make it is there is evidence that support it.

The bottom line is WE DO NOT KNOW! We will not know until we die. Even then, we may not even know. For all we know death here is birth in another universe. Maybe reincarnation is correct and we come back as some other thing. I guess we just don't like not knowing.

If all this is too much for you, find a copy of God's Debris by Scott Adams. That will make your head spin or actually enlighten you. Fascinating reading.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I noticed that since I enabled word verification, the number of comments has dropped. I think this is due to the fact that people were really "chatting" using this blog. Interesting behavior if you ask me.

I recently enabled comment moderation. Now the comments are practically nil. I guess that is due to the poor blog entries I have been entering in the last few weeks. I'll tell you. It is too easy to make fun of the news. Reporters just do not do their jobs well.

As you can tell, I'm bored this evening, so I am rambling on.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

And the Winner is.......

It was not a blow-out as I thought, but Texas did win. I did not watch any of the game except to check the score, and that was BEFORE halftime. There was something about the Spoiled Children that did not feel right to me. It's a shame, though.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl Prediction

I will root for USC being a So. Cal. BUT, I really believe that Texas is going to whoop their butts.

Yes, I predict that Texas is going to beat USC and it will be by a large margin.

Tomorrow we will know the answer.

GO SC! Prove me wrong!

Miners Found: Dead or Alive

I am not posting any links to newspapers or any other news agencies. All I can say is, Un-Fuckin'-Believable!

I find it amazing how the media is such in a hurry to break the story that they do not confirm the facts. Yes, the situation was tense and humans tend to over react in such tense, emotional situations.

When will we be able to believe what we read or hear? I guess this is the skeptic in me.

I feel real bad for those who lost one in that "accident". Now let's see what lawsuits are filed! Let the games begin!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Minimum Wage Myth

Minimum Wage Myth

Here is an interesting little bit on the minimum wage. Though dated 1999, it is still very relevant today.