Sunday, March 05, 2006 - Muslims urged to make West 'bleed for years' - Mar 5, 2006 - Muslims urged to make West 'bleed for years' - Mar 5, 2006

So much for that "peaceful" religion. I plan a article with my thoughts on religion. This will be posted on the website soon.

What I do not understand, and it may be due to my ignorance, is this "stealing of Muslim's oil". Forgive me if I am wrong, but it is the governments of the Muslim countries that are allowing the sale of oil to other countries. Who owns these oil fields? I thought it was Muslims, as in the owners of the land. We just use it. I think these extremists need to deal with the source, not the users.

Otherwise, get with the times. If there is going to be free trade, then you must accept the business of buying and selling. Get over it.


Xanger said...

I don't really understand the subject of your own topic.
You said "I plan a article with my thoughts on religion." I hope the article you're going to make won't be base on your current thoughts...
And Forgive me if I am wrong, as you're used to say, but I think that your mind is too much narrow. Is your article just your " toughts on religion " or a racist propaganda? It doesn't matter to have any answer ; both would frighten me. Don't worry Im going to explain my charges, you just have to continue to read but if you find the words I use too much abusive you can censure my comment...
I put to side the policy and the economic one concerning oil.
I don't charge you about that. You said "Muslims [...] these extremist" There are certainly extremists in each religion and the Islamic religion have their own, I can't deny. But you take (and you say it) all of the Muslims as extremists.
I hope that I misled in my judgement... and that you took pleasure in censuring my comment.

From an atheist who doesn't believe in nothing....

Bill said...

No offense taken. You were unclear of my intent and expressed yourself. No harm in that.

Yes, I can see where you get the wrong idea about extremist. It is unclear. I know that every religion has the extreme side. That's a given. My statement is directed at those extremists that claim we are stealing their oil. I know all Muslims do not agree with this. I also know that the way the media writes/talks about these topics also confuse those who read their thoughts.

As for my upcoming article on religion, it hopefully will not come off as racists. It is more of an observation at how absurd most relgion is and how similar they all are.

I do have some racist tendencies, and we all do, but I try to surpress them as it is a think learned from society and where we are raised. I pretty much nail them all, so I am an equal opportunity one.


pat said...

I think the Muslims are a disagreeable people. They want everything their way, and no compromise in them. They want the money from the oil,but don't want us to have the oil. They can't have it both ways.

Tom said...

In response to Pat. I hope that this is not what you really beleive. Although you may not know any Muslims or know anything about there culture, it does not mean you can go about slurring their beleifs and customs. You cannot judge a person or people based on what you hear in the news. I have a couple of Muslim friends, they are not disagreeable at all. They are in fact the opposite of disagreeable, they usually ascend to many things that are asked of them.

Please do not judge by what you hear on the news or on the internet.

In my own opinion I beleive Christians to be very disagreeable. This is a common fact, over one half of the people in the United States army is Christian. Is it not true that the bible states in one of the ten commadments sent down by God: "Thou shalt not kill"? Can you see where i'm going with this?


Anonymous said...

From a christian small c, to Pat. Jericho need I say more just stirring up trouble!!!! It might even amaze Americans the dislike the UK has for the US despite our beloved leader.

muslim said...

I'm not sure what you re trying to address but if it is what i think it is i think your wrong because it sounds like you don't respect the religion islam and refering countries that have majortiy of muslims a "muslim country". i think your blog is nothing but a pices of shit because that really pisses me off when your stupid ass talks about the religion islam because i respect your religion so i think you should stop acting like a bitch and respect the religion islam!!!

Bill said...

As you can see, I am open enough to post your comment, Muslim. This is the exact reason why no one understands what is happening. There is too much confusion. You misunderstood me by assuming I "don't respect the religion islam". It is that no one really understands the relgion islam and in our "open" society we tend to joke and satarize that we do not quite understand. We do it to everyone and everything.

Likewise you really do not know "my relgion", so you can only assume what that may or may not be. If you wish to enlighten me and the readers here about the relidion Islam, please do so. I will publish it as I have published your comments.

It is quite unfortunate that one reason people misjudge the relgion Islam is the violent outbursts that occur when one criticizes Islam. You do not hear much about such outbursts from other religions. Education is key here and there seems to be a major lack or education going on here.

Thank you for your honest response. I am man enough to publish you, are you man enough to enlighten us about Islam and whether it is a peaceful religion or not.


PS- IMHO there is no such thing as a peaceful religion as all religions are tied together in some way which makes each facet hate the others. On this thought is what I hope to write an article on my website. A very difficult subject to say the least as I am not wholly educated on such a subject. I only intend to give a laymans view of how all religions are related and why they hate each other for that very reason.

Anonymous said...

I think that Pat you were wrong to post that comment though you could argue that it was freedom of speech i suppose. But that to me seems discrimintating and racist and I can relate to "muslims" anger thought do not think that it was that necessary.
ps and as a member of the uk i would like to say that it is not the majority who express hate for the US just its president.

Stuckwidiot2 said...

Please, can't we all get along?
Nuts come in every color, shape, size and professed faith. This is not a new (pardon the pun) Revelation by any means. Some of us have anger "issues". At least that's what I'm told. I think what this means is I get pissed off at idiots and then, in order for them to feel better about themselves they smack me with that label. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

I just wish American citizens would open their eyes about what their government is doing in their name. The US itself has propped up countless crooked dictators around the world for self-interest eg oil or commodities. Why was no CIA director been put in prison for giving money & weapons to Bin Laden? Was n't this an act of terrorism on America's part? What where they thinking?

It is pointless sayings Muslims are terrorist, when the US has done the same (except they don't call it terrorism, but other fancy words). Don't get me wrong, I don't think the average American is a bad person, I just think people need ask some serious questions from their government and hold them accountable for their actions.

Why don't Americans ask questions such as - how come there is no medical provision for the poorest Americans, yet the US can spend billions of a dollars on a useless war in Iraq!? (so tell me where are the weapons of mass destruction?).

And you guys voted in Bush for another term!?

Anyways, I think there are bigger problems in the world such as CLIMATE CHANGE. Frankly, Americans does not care!. Just in case you don't know, America is the biggest creator of carbon/greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. And it is melting the Polar ice caps. Sadly, what happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere as sea levels rise. Did you know American cars consume 3-4 times more petrol then the average European cars. You guys are pushing up the global oil price!!. This is causing the poorest people to pay more for their fuel. In Europe it costs $8 a gallon. But have you wondered the effect on poorer countries? So Stop thinking about your self!! Seek the truth!

Lorenzo Albano F. said...

And besides, paying from 50 to 70 dollars a barrel a commodity found, extracted and put in a tanker at a cost of more or less 10 dollars a barrel is hardly stealing... at least on the part of the buyer, hehe.