Monday, March 21, 2005


I think Congress, the President, the world should not be involved with this poor lady's life/death choice. It is a family matter. The husband has spoken. The parents have lost. Let this lady go.

It is ludicrous that a country's' government should be involved in the life and death of people. Leave that to the wars. Let people decide for themselves how they wish to live and die. Government has overstepped it's bounds once again.

Rest In Peace Mrs. Schiavo.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Things on my mind


Baseball: We make a big deal over some idiots that wanted to "perform" better. So they were inadequate and decided to use steroids. Thanks for making America's past time a joke. Anyways, why is the government involved in this? Am I missing something? Help me here.

Robert Blake not convicted? What's with this? We throw Martha Stewart in jail for lying about something that she was not guilty of doing (she was never found guilty of anything, folks,) but we do not find an actor guilty of murder and he was on the premise at the time of the killings. We have strange priorities, eh?

Finally, real justice. Scott Peterson is sentenced to die. The jury was easy on him. Throw him in jail for life and I bet he would have died faster than sitting on death row in CA. So much for our tax dollars, eh?

Too much thinking for one morning. Later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

People Think Blogs are News

Wow. Did you think this was a news site? Do you believe that blogs are real news?

Blogs are individual opinions. Ever heard of opinions? Real news reporting requires facts. I get most blogs do not check facts. I don't. I just give my opinion on what is happening.

I guess if you do not believe what the news reporters are reporting, the blog next door is just as good.

OPINION. Look it up!