Monday, March 21, 2005


I think Congress, the President, the world should not be involved with this poor lady's life/death choice. It is a family matter. The husband has spoken. The parents have lost. Let this lady go.

It is ludicrous that a country's' government should be involved in the life and death of people. Leave that to the wars. Let people decide for themselves how they wish to live and die. Government has overstepped it's bounds once again.

Rest In Peace Mrs. Schiavo.


Anonymous said...

If the woman is still responding than let her live
10 year old 5th grader,

Anonymous said...

If the family really wanted to spend the rest of their lives with a woman without hope,let them. The husband is greedy and needs to at least negotiate with the family. Or we should all stay out of their buisness.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't a veggie...she was brain damaged. Should we deny food and water to someone with cerebral palsy? Should we starve a mentally retarded person to death? Should we not feed a 6 month old thier bottle and expect them to feed themselves? Should we not spoon feed a man in the last stages of Alzheimer's Disease?

These are the questions that this case raises.

Michael Schiavo is a cruel, selfish, and greedy individual. Why not just disolve his marriage to Terri? Because he wouldn't get to keep all that money. If he really loved Terri, he would have exausted all options before killing her, and he wouldn't have gone and boinked another chick and had two kids with her. He wasn't thinking of Terri, he was thinking of Michael.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the above comment:

Some rich millionaire offered Michael a million dollars to help out. He denied the money.

Greedy? Selfish? Although I don't completely agree with everything Michael says, he certainly was not in this for the money.

^ 14yr old 8th grader

Alex, (female)13yr old 7th grader said...

Terry didn't want to live her life like that. Her parents thought that one day their child would wake up and all of the sudden be the same as she was before she got brain damage.The real Terry was gone. Face it, she wasn't really living. Michael wasn't in it for the money. If he really didn't care about Terry, why didn't he just divorce her? Someone offered him one million dollars. He didn't accept the money. If he was just in it for the money, why didn't he accept the million dollars? (By the way, what money was he in it for? It isn't like he was making money off of this.)He loved Terry very much. Think about how much money he lost on a lawyer and in court! He wasn't a selfish, horrible person. He was a decent man who couldn't stand to see his wife live like that.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Schaivo wasn't in a vegetative state. I wouldn't call crying at the latest family tradgedy non-responsive. The media showed her vegetative when Michael comes in. Of course! She hates him! He wanted and did kill her!

That's another point. But we as a country are going for a culture of deat. Abortion on demand has killed millions. There are waiting lists years long for adoption. There are alternatives, such as:
1) Abstinence unless you want to have a baby in marraige!
2)Adoption. Give it up to someone who wants it.
Now we've taken the big bold step to euthanasia. Who are we humans to decide if a person is conscious enough to live? Mrs. Schiavo was in the same state as someone impaired from birth. Soon we'll be killing those people, too. Anyone with disabilities will be killed out of convenience. Imagine your child being born with, let's say, a bad case of ADD. Sure, he's completely conscious and aware of his surroundings and can funtion on his own, but he's hard to teach. We'll kill him.

This makes me sick.

A 12 yr old 7th grader heavily into current events

P.S. I am up, should someone be so interested, for any debate on any topic from anyone.

AMBER said...


Iron Man said...

Her husband is definitely greedy, he should have just dissolved the marriage and let the parents take care of her.

Anonymous said...

Amber: However, you must be a bigger idiot if you can't spell the words you're trying to use to insult us.

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