Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama & McCain

Obama: I will not vote for you. I do not believe you are sincere. Quit trying to make us thing you are anything but a friend to Islam. Until Islam proves to me that it is a peaceful religion (or cult) I will not trust them. I hold this true for any religion. Quite aligning yourself with murderous people.

McCain: I will not vote for you. I do not like your cowardice and inability to take a stand. I respect you for what you did serving this country and your imprisonment. I still won't vote for you until you prove that you are strong enough to lead us.

Both: Wake up and give us a stand. Quit catering to the middle ground. Quit kissing the assess of the lobbyist. Take a stand and do what is right for this country. Make us feel secure and empower us with a feeling of pride for this country. I think illegals have more pride for this country than the actual citizens. Tell the world how you feel about the Middle East. Tell the world how you will help those who will help themselves. Stop being wishy-washy. Most of all quite promising what you cannot deliver.