Friday, September 22, 2006

State Sues Automakers????

UPDATE 4-California sues carmakers over global warming�|�

Give me an F**'n break. The auto makers are not responsible for global warming. Take some god damned responsibility for yourselves. Motoring began long ago and no one, I repeat no one even knew of the dangers of the emissions issue. Only over time did we learn more about the potential problems. If there is anyone to blame it is us who continue to purchase these vehicles. In our economy it is the consumer that will dictate what is going to "win". If we can educate ourselves, the stupid, then we can improve our future.


Who Can You Trust?

And the grad students most likely to cheat are...�|�Oddly Enough�|�

Well, I guess to be in business you need to know how to cheat. What drives this need to cheat? Everyone seems to have this desire to cheat. From gamers to grad students, and even in the work place, cheating is the norm.