Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama & McCain

Obama: I will not vote for you. I do not believe you are sincere. Quit trying to make us thing you are anything but a friend to Islam. Until Islam proves to me that it is a peaceful religion (or cult) I will not trust them. I hold this true for any religion. Quite aligning yourself with murderous people.

McCain: I will not vote for you. I do not like your cowardice and inability to take a stand. I respect you for what you did serving this country and your imprisonment. I still won't vote for you until you prove that you are strong enough to lead us.

Both: Wake up and give us a stand. Quit catering to the middle ground. Quit kissing the assess of the lobbyist. Take a stand and do what is right for this country. Make us feel secure and empower us with a feeling of pride for this country. I think illegals have more pride for this country than the actual citizens. Tell the world how you feel about the Middle East. Tell the world how you will help those who will help themselves. Stop being wishy-washy. Most of all quite promising what you cannot deliver.


Anonymous said...

The question should be is that what makes you think that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion? For your information, Islam comes from the word Salaam which means peace. You do not just a religion by its people, but by its ideals. There have been so many crazy Chrisitans and Jews in the past, but that does not mean those religions approve of those practices...

Brian said...

dear idiot:

I can not say that either of these man will be the right leader.

But I do feel that they are both some of the best choices we had in the last 20 years.

Obama scares me with his lack of experience and McCain scares me with his age.

I do feel that McCain wants to be president to cap off a life time of service. Here he has nothing to lose.

I feel that Obama will have to live the rest of his life with his presidential legacy. I feel that he has more to lose with a bad job.

Plus, I am always for breaking new ground and a black president could be just that.

Needless to say...I may just vote Libertarian.


Anonymous said...

well, i was just searching for "www.idiot.com", and of course, it's you, which made me jealous:) after browsing your blog, i found you are a totally "愤青", which means "somebody throw anger on politics". BTW, i'm a Chinese.Anyway, nice to meet you, and it's true that i love your comments...

Anonymous said...

your website is pretty lame.

Bill said...

Hey, Anonymous:

Thanks for the constructive criticism! "Lame." Nice.

I bet I'm so much busier than you that I do not have the time to keep the site updated as much as I like. It is people like you that make it difficult to stay motivated.

Savant: I've considered the Libertarian route. I'm researching them now.

My Chinese Friend: It's fun to "throw anger on politics." It seems to me that those in politics are out of touch with reality. It gets worse every year. Will it ever get better? Only when common sense is back in the picture.

Thanks all for the comments!

Anonymous said...

nice post we must have to think about our country and our religion nice post thanks.
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o said...

President Kennedy said something like "Ask not what your country does for you but do something for your country." I guess part of it is to post our idiot comments.

Bill said...


Thanks for making the effort. I am giving Obama the benefit of the doubt right now. Will he be influenced by the lobbyists? Will he cave to Congress? We will see.

I'm curious how he will do with this India-Pakistan stuff. Pressure is one.