Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Comment Rejection

I actually had to reject a comment today. It was posted under a topic that the comment had no bearing on. It was a short comment that had no real subject. I think it was a kid that thought he/she or it was funny.

I am an advocate of free speach, but it must be on topic and somewhat intelligent. I say "somewhat" because I know that is all I am. In most cases I am just stating my opinion and how I view the story or situation. It may not be based on research, it may only be gut feelings on how something was written. Other times I may post on what I see.

I wonder if people really care about what is going on in this world or if they just think posting absurd comments is more important.

On the other hand, it just doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

just tell us what the comment was. what did he do, call you a gaylord?

Bill said...

Nope. Pretty much the opposite, called you a name.

I would really like to see people actually use their brains instead of resorting to name calling.

A post with a list of explitives and name calling is really not suitable to posting. As most humans are very childish it is to be expected. I know I live up to my "not to mature" status sometimes. It is always good to have some fun. Today, fun is definitely different that it was, say, 10 years ago.

Thanks for keeping yourself anonymous.

Lilize said...

hey :)

just love it when people wanna sound like they have an opinion. but hey, i do that too! :)

one of the consequences of keeping a blog or photoblog or whatever is online and accessible to other people, is that we are also bound to be in the aim of envious and small people hehe

it's kind of a routine on my fotolog... but hey! that means we're popular, huh? :D

Bhavna Neel said...

hey !!..

Yes.. i totally agree with u .. freedom of speech . n u have every right to reject any comment if u find it inappropriate..

n yeah ... there is definitely a large section off ppl. who really do not care abt whats goin on . n enjoy giving absurd comments.

chrisTopher b. said...

I think aids is huge problem. Don't delete this comment or else you are a heartless fool.

Y-Shoe said...

I couldn't agree more.... but somehow i never delte a comment from my blog unless of course it is vulgar... free speech....

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but i just read a little bit of your blog. have fun with your website

Anonymous said...

Your spelling is atrocious.

Corronchilejano said...

This place has changed a lot since I visited some years ago. I read a more "mature" webmaster.

As for the comments... well, personally I think only certain REALLY unfocused comments (like insults for no real reason whatsoever) should be deleted... all others... well, I'm a big fan of randomness...

Bill said...


I am glad that you posted. You are very observant. I have slipped over the years as I have not had the time to "rebuild" the environment. I have spent too much time catering to those lacking something, but I can't put a finger on it. I cannot say they are all youths, but there is an aire of childishness here.

I plan on more of the old style on the website which will hopefully be reflected in the blog. If there is something that you would like to see, plese feel free to drop a line. I will try to step it up a notch for those of you who have noticed the decline.


Esther D. said...

Though this may sound idiotic as I am a child , I feel that you are being quite superioer about the comments that have been left on here .Though some of them may not be quite as relavent as you may like , they have still taken the time to visit here and leave a comment and none of them have been explicit or rude and , far from childish.
I apologise if this sounds harsh but I just wanted to let you know .
Esther (12)

Rei said...

haha. your mom posted that comment.

No no. I'm kidding.

Sayrah said...


I know people like you. They're the people you see walking around with their head up, shoulders erect, looking life straight in the eye. And yet at the same time, their nose tends to tilt just a little farther upward, and suddenly, they are looking down on everyone.

You type like you have something to say, like you want your opinion to be heard and considered carefully with great thought. When really, the more I read your blog and see the way you respond to the comments people leave here, I am more inclined to say that you must think very highly of yourself.

Randomness is not a bad thing. Sometimes a random comment from another person is all one needs to feel amused, and amusement eventually leads to happiness. You know -- that warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside? Surely you've experienced it; or are you just cynical by nature?

I especially love the way in which you call things "childish." Childishness isn't necessarily wrong either, unless the person is simply acting immature, which is quite different. Children are usually unknowing of the evils this world contain, hence the saying, "ignorance is bliss."

So, now that I have said all this, I will leave you with just one last remark.

I am not saying that I agree or disagree with you and your methods - it is your blog, and you are free to do as you please. I am merely stating that maybe you shouldn't be so severely critical of people and their motives.


Bill said...

Goodbye. Such a strong word. I do hope you visit more.

Somedays we all tend to look down on others, and other days we are humbled by said same.

I love being childish. I love children. Would you like me to post those rejected comments? They are usually attempts to flame another, not necessarily me. I even left one that is posted just before your post. It has not relevance to the topic, yet it remains.

Do I think highly of myself? Only at work. In reality I think that I am an average person trying to get through life. At times feeling successful and other times feeling a bit battered. It is life.

Unfortuneately I tend to be critical of others. It most likely stems from my upbringing. I do not trust sales people. Never have, never will. I always question the motives of others. I do not trust them for they have not given me any reason to trust them. I'm weird that way.

The one thing that you might give me credit for is being able to listen and take criticism. Many do not.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope it is not goodbye. I would like to hear more from you. A ray of hope and one who may help me get off my ass and write my articles for the website of which I have been neglecting.