Friday, May 19, 2006

Cell phones that do everything

How many out there really want a phone that does everything: play music, watch TV, record conversations, keeps contacts, is a walkie-talkie, takes pictures, shoots movies...? You get the picture.

Do you want your phone to do everything or do you just want to make calls to your little friends?

My phone for work is an electronic leash. At the same time it gives me the flexibility to not have to be in the office all day. I have a Treo 650. Nice phone. Bulky, though. It syncs with everything and then some. With the right apps I can keep current documents as I go or even VPN into the network (though I have not done that as of yet). Do I really need it? No. Do I want it? No. But then again, on the geek side, the answer is yes. Too bad it isn't a bit easier to carry. Maybe someone will come up with a shoulder holster or something better than a belt clip that makes it look like you have a tumor under your shirt.

What features do you like and dislike on your phones?


Anonymous said...

nobody loves you

Anonymous said...

Its nice to have some of those things on a cell phone, imagine getting robbed and actually geting a picture of your robber. But I dont see the need for internet access on a phone

Gavin Fryer Begg said...

HAH! wow, cell phones for everything. Apparently you can get phones for watching sports, maybe due to only having something like 256 pixels you couldn't see anything?

I heard a comedian ranting about phones. He had some good points, and a funny bit on trying to watch downloaded porn on a phone "...well mine is 3 pixels long!"
Well, who needs bluetooth?

Anonymous said...

I have an idea... how about stop making phones that take pictures, video, play movies, download porn, and instead...... Make a phone that doesn't loose reception if you stand in th wrong spot, or if a cloud passes by, or your cell phone otherwise feels like having crappy recepion. Let's make a phone that works for the purpose it wa designed for: TALKING without "can you hear me now" and when they master that technology then we can focus on "bling tones"