Friday, May 19, 2006

da Vinci Code

I plan on seeing the da Vinci Code, how about you? I cannot believe there are people so insecure about their religion that they must boycott a story. Fiction. That's all it is. Who really gives a crap whether there is any truth in there. Is it a good story? I thought the book was good even though there are those who think it was poorly written. No Pulitzer, but it was a good story. S---T----O----R----Y.

Maybe I will go this weekend after work. It's either that or that over publicized Flight 93 movie. I hope I just offended someone just now.

Truth is, I don't think I am ready to see or be reminded of that dreaded day. I still have pangs of anger at this whole crazy world we live in.


Stuckwidiot2 said...

You have not offended me, I think you should go see the film and never get that time you wasted watching it back.

Bill said...

Ha! Good one! Is it really wasted if you need to kick back and relax?

I bet the movie isn't as good as the book (as usual), but free entertainment is fine by me!

Plus sitting here at work on a Saturday is not much fun, so seeing a movie tonight is just what the doctor ordered.


Anonymous said...

My god, I had no idea...I knew the internet is the forum of the world, but now anyone can write and post their thoughts about anything, and they actually do it!

Imagine what it would be like to have to listen to all the shit your neighbors and co-workers have opinions about. Thank god that the internet can swallow these semi-coherent babbles before they find their way to my ears and do some real damage.

Alex said...

I plan to watch the DaVinci Code sometime soon to, just how soon will be determined by how long it takes to find somebody to go with... pathetic
I've heard about that other movie you mentioned...and my thoughts on it are.... if the profits from such movie go to the families of the victims... then I'm ok with it. But if that isn't the case, then yes I'm offended that it was made and offended by those who watch it. Especially because of the controversy and ... doubtful evidence that exist surrounding the events that day.

lorguru said...

I think I'll wait until it comes out on video, since it hasn't gotten good reviews. I agree w/ you about the insecurity/religion issue, though.

Ecacofonix said...

I read the book, yet to watch the movie, but I agree with what some of the reviewers said about the book - it became a bestseller because the author took a rather complicated subject, and summarised events (fictional or otherwise) in an eminently readable way...put another way, he just packaged existing wine in a new bottle, but it was exceptional packaging all right

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Universe Daily said...

Isn't God rather passe!

Marko said...

Jebo ti pasd mater da te jebo sotonističku.

Mystify Me said...

I watched the movie and I've read the book.The book is much better I must admit!
If people don't realize that what they see is a story being created by a human mind that also manipulated some historical facts then they shouldn't see it cause it would affect them and make them angry!
You don't need someone to reinforce your faith, you either believe or not!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...let me guess your age...
12...13 maybe?

Kim said...

i think that the book was so much better than the movie. thats it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the idiot. It's fiction people. When people say " that information has been around for centuries!" what they don't realize is that it's been a conspiracy theory for that long. If someone wrote a book about the JFK assassination and how it was the FBI all along, would it cause such a fuss? Probably not. It's fiction that takes snips of facts from a conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

I liked it.
The part where he sacrifices himself is disturbing, though.

Anonymous said...