Saturday, July 29, 2006

Minimum Wage

Not again! Minimum wage is raised again! What the hell are people thinking?! Can someone explain to me how raising the minimum wage helps anyone? Anyways, I wrote an opinion on this very subject a couple of years back. You can find it here. Minimum Wage.



Anonymous said...

Minimum wage helps people who are not smart enough to get a better job. Or are financially burdened enough to have a job that pays minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Your comment from several years back is a valid one, and it is the main reason you see so many companies moving jobs out of country. Minimum wage is one of those stupid feel good concepts that hurts more people than it would ever help. As you mentioned, companies have to raise prices to offset the higher wage rate, and so typically, the employees actually see a net loss in buying power because the raised prices are often higher than the net income raise. The gross income raise may be higher, but you don't get to live off your gross income, only your net. Sadly, it is an economic reality that the Democratic Party refuses to accept and so they push for it. Better to push for people looking at better paying jobs and getting better education.

Anonymous said...

Its not minimum wage they need to increase, its the huge salaries CEOs and HEDGE FUND MANAGERS have that need to be lowered. Explain why again these people deserve millions of dollars. They don't deserve it, but they take it anyway and no one cares cause you've never worked in a stockroom for a major chainstore. Well I was stupid enough to try when I was in high school. Sure the people there are pretty dumb but they work ten times harder than those CEOs ever would and their hours are ten times less convinent than theirs. Not to mention the breakroom sucks and people almost get perminately injured on a daily basis. Amputation of fingers are actually a high risk due to low intellgence of the users and poor design of the cheap tools they have choosen to supply you with. And imagine if people just decided 'no we dont want to move things from a 120degree truck to the shelves at your local superstore'. Without them their stores wouldn't beable to function on a level that would turn a profit. And what would you do without your precious walmart or target? I know some people that are pretty dependant on such super stores. I'm not quite sure what would happen if they wern't around. Maybe they would start eating exclusively at fast food places. I love laughing at fat people eating fatty food at a rate that you'll get fat by just watching. Obesity may be genetic sometimes, but not when your inhaling a couple double quarter pounders and chugging your cocacola to make sure it goes down your fat throat. Don't forget the apple pies fatty two for a dollar. Also, don't listen to modern science, providing your fat child with fat fried in fat is a good thing. It will make him/her fat just like you are. And that means they will turn out just like their parents, fat enough to legally mate with a manatee but never get the chance cause 50% of the time they have a heart attack before puberty. God I love fat people. If God had a sense of humor he would realize fat people are funny and gluttony shouldn't be a sin. But seriously to all you rediculousy fat people, please be cremated. I hear fat is flammable, and eventually we will run out of space to bury people, and your too fat to fit in a normal grave.

Anonymous said...

I think its because of inflation, that the minimun wage has to be increased.

Anonymous said...

$6.25? That sounds like slave labour to me. In the UK the min wage will be £5.35/hour in Oct 2006. That is around $10 an hour.

Consider that professionals in US tend to earn 1.5 to 2x the UK salaries and healthcare is not free in US, the US minimum wage should be at least $15 an hour, with higher taxes for the best paid.

So you can harp about "no slave labour in US". Well, many Europeans would not agree with you.

Perhaps, this is why the US has begging culture. They expect to be tipped almost everywhere. Many complain if they do not get one. Yet, expecting a tip is nothing but begging.
Do you tip your bank manager, your the pilot, your stock broker or even the checkout chick?

People are paid to do a job. Pay them a decent rate and do not expect tips. Ban tiping unless the establishment has a begging licence.

A person on min wage would wash is own car and not go to a car wash. The argument about all products increased in price and min wage increases being zero effect showns lack of intelligence.
Min wage earners do not buy all the goods. The cost of min wage increases in automated industries and volume product is really not so great per item produced.

The richest country in the world is rich because it exploits its own people and illegal immigrants keep the country running. They cannot even offer free healthcare to their citizens.

Working hard and becoming rich is good. But not everyone can acheive that. If they all did everyone would be rich, so they would also be poor.

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip to the US (Im from Australia), I couldn't believe how low you're paid. How can people afford to buy anything is beyond me. A house, car on $6 an hour? And I agree with the no tipping thing, we don't tip in Australia and we get paid better and in comparision things aren't that different. Service is the same and so is the quality.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people don't deserve to be paid money. Anything they do will be botched.