Monday, January 30, 2006

Drivers: A Bitch Session

Asshole with Texas plates. This person decides that it is easier/better to get in front of me on the freeway rather than fall behind me. First, I was at least 3/4 or a car length in front in the number 4 lane, he was in the #3 lane. NO ONE was behind me and I was 1 car length behind the vehicle in front of me. Said A-hole wants to get over 2 lanes, so he speeds up and forces his way in front of me then merges in front of another car in the 5th lane causing that car to suddenly break. I guess Texas spawns some real winners, eh?

The second is the stop sign running bitch. I come to a stop at a 4-way. The car to my left was already there, thus having the right of way. That car proceeds. I then proceed, but what to my amazement, the car behind the first car rolls right on through and never fully stopped at the stop sign. Oh, how tempting it is to just ram a person like that. I really think this arrogant bitch believes the laws are not meant for her.

Ah, the joys of driving.


Anonymous said...

Oh I totally agree. I live in Toronto, in an area with many four-way stops. Why oh why does no one seem to know how to deal with a four-way? Also, what's with cyclists totally ignoring stop signs? I was at a four way stop, at night, and nearly ran over a cyclist who didn't even pause, was wearing all black, and had no lights on his bicycle. Asshole had the nerve to give ME the finger!

Bill said...

As mountain biking is a hobby of mine, I will say that not all bike riders are that rude. It is unfortunate that a few can make a bad name for the many.

Yet, you are right, it is amazing how the fingers fly!

Anonymous said...

"Asshole with Texas plates"

you said you had to remove a post because it was not intelligent.

Well, that comment is hardly intelligent. So everyone from Texas are like that are they? Its an awful thing to say.

Bill said...

Now that is direct and to the point. Hope you didn't offend and Texans here.


Tell us how you really feel!

Anonymous said...

Common man is not smart enough to use turn signals, drive in the right lane unless passing or turning, know where the white line is to stop at an intersection, not to tailgate and yap on the phone, or to realize they are in the wrong....Etc. Common man simply is not smart enough to drive well!

Anonymous said...

Next time think of another way to take out you anger you know maybe....COUNSELING!! In my opinion you had no right to call Texan's stupid, you have probably done that(or will do that) exact same thing sometime in your life. Right??

idiot! said...

geez! evry1 is taking him callin' Texans stupid so seriously. im a texan but i dont care. almost evry1 here is an idiot. get over it.

orion said...

dont take this so seriously people!
texans are idiots!