Friday, January 13, 2006

Intelligent Design

Does this subject confuse you? Well, maybe this won't help more.

Has anyone thought that maybe the Big Bang was caused by an intelligent being, entity, omniscient thing? If one thinks this way, could the Big Bang be called Intelligent Design? Maybe our universe is just a result of some larger universe and some kid in that universe spit up some bad grub and we are the biological, bacterialogical stuff that is mixed with that spitum.

You all do realize that everything is theory and there are no concrete, set in stone, facts, right? Evolution is a theory. I would say God is a theory. Intelligent Design is a theory. The only reason some theories make it is there is evidence that support it.

The bottom line is WE DO NOT KNOW! We will not know until we die. Even then, we may not even know. For all we know death here is birth in another universe. Maybe reincarnation is correct and we come back as some other thing. I guess we just don't like not knowing.

If all this is too much for you, find a copy of God's Debris by Scott Adams. That will make your head spin or actually enlighten you. Fascinating reading.


TheOneandOnlyDaho said...

I totally agree with you, both Evolution and Intelligent Design are theory. Only evolution isn't taught as theory. It's taught as fact.

Anonymous said...

There sure are a lot of religions out there today. You’ve got Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, etc. So obviously Christianity is just another “ism,” right?

The truth is Christianity happens to be unique among the world’s religions for several important reasons. Not the least of which happens to be that Christianity, unlike other religions, is historic and evidential. The fact is, Jesus Himself is a figure of history. He was, of course, born in Bethlehem in Judea during the reign of Caesar Augustus, and was put to death by Pontius Pilate, a first century Roman Governor. And, more importantly, the testimony of his life, death, and resurrection happened to come to us by way of eyewitness accounts (2 Pet. 1:16; 1 John 1:1-4). Christianity therefore is a historical faith, and its truth claims can be evaluated by examining the facts and testimony of history. None of the other religions of the world can claim this kind of historical support.

Another unique feature of Christianity is that its founder claimed to be God. Of the great religious leaders of the world (Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, Mohammed) only Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh (John 8:58). And this is not an empty claim because it is supported by Christ’s historically verifiable resurrection from the dead (1 Cor. 15:3-8). Other religions like Buddhism and Islam claim miracles in support of their faith, but unlike Christianity, these miracles lack historical verification.

An additional feature which sets Christianity apart from the other religions is that its beliefs system happens to be coherent. Some Christian doctrines may transcend logical categories — and even appear paradoxical — but unlike the religions of the east, they are not irrational or absurd. Oh, and before I forget, the Christian faith is unique in that it can account for the vast array of phenomena which we encounter in life — things like the laws of science, the universal laws of logic, ethical norms, love, meaning in life, and, of course, the problem of evil. So to state it philosophically, the Christian faith corresponds to the present state of affairs.

Tom said...

In response to Anonymous

I'm sorry. Did you just say that there is proof that Christianity is real with the use of people in the bible?....the CHRISTIAN bible?

", death, and resurrection happened to come to us by way of eyewitness accounts..."

Christianity is as farce as the Spaghetti Monster theory of design and that is:

"All that is today was planned out by MR.Spaghetti Monster. He lived in absolute nothingness until he got bored and made some planets. When he was making some planes he discovered he had lice in his hai. He scratched his head and tiny humans fell out and lived on the Earth which is today."

Now let me take some quotes from the Spaghetti Monsster Theroy of Design Book:

"I Bartholemew hereby declare that I was one of the original lice that was scratched from the hair of the great Spaghetti Monster"


"And on the twelf night of scratching, the cows dropped from the great spaghetti strands. They fell onto the ground, and the Human lice harvested milk from their udders."

Do you get the point or do I have to spell it out?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what in Hell Anonymous is talking about. History? What history? Christianity is a coherent religion compared to the religions in the East? Don't make me laugh.

Noah's ark. The Creation in Genesis. They make sense? Rubbish! What about God's armies taking 32000 virgins as prisoners? They must be in need of comfort women. Christianity has never been a logical or tolerant religion. Christianity in a nutshell, simply means 'if you are not with us, you are against us.' After all, 'the only way to Heaven is through Christ' is it not?

Taoism is a cleverer religion. Many gods in Taoism were originally mortals who became gods because of their great deeds in life. The gods Guang Yu (a famous warrior in the Warring Periods) and Hua Tuo (arguably the best Chinese physican ever) are based on historical fact). They are fact.

The relation between the Chinese and our pantheon of gods are pragmatic. We revere our gods but we do not fear them. We offer them prayers and offerings We expect them to look after us. In turn, the gods demand that we lead 'a moral life'. So it's pretty much you scratch my back I'll scratch yours that sort of thing.

And unlike monotheistic faiths like Islam and Christianity, worshippers of Eastern religions do not start holy wars or jihad in order to demostrate the validity of their god. Remember, there are Buddhism and Taoism in China, and as far as I know, no wars fought by the Chinese have ever been started by our religious officals. Our priests and monks do not advocate violence full stop. Compared to our gods, Christianity seems barbaric and bloodthirsty.

If Christianity corresponds to the present state of affairs, I think there will definitely be more bloodshed in the days to come. Pity the innocents, who will have their blood spilled because of a 'kind and loving' god.


rifletotingcrazy said...

Well since what is in a book must be true, then what have you to say about the Davinci code???