Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is This A Just War?

Bomb kills Iraqi children gathered around U.S. troops -

After reading this article the more I feel that we should carpet bomb the whole area and let nature take its course thereafter. Or, we pull out and put a fence around the whole area and let the "tribes" do themselves in.

I don't think the latter would work as some stupid country would support one side or the other. (If only there were sides!) The UN would have to police the rest of the world to stay out of that area until the victor is chosen.

Carpet bombing with nukes, making glass our of the whole area, would be a quick end to the mess. Unfortunately it would cause a new mess.

As you can see, the middle east, once know as a center of intelligence and learning, is just a waste of time and a lose-lose situation for anyone interested in "playing" there. I see no good whether we stay or leave. It is so depressing that these people are willing to kill children for their own means. Sickening.

No more, please?

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