Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goddamn Jackasses!

Went to a Costco today. Picked up a T.V. Nice. Went out to dinner when we discovered some jackass scraped the side of my car! Asshole! Fucker! Dick! No note. Nothing. Scraped the plastic and left a bunch of blue paint. It could have been worse.

Here's what I think. Most people in the world do not care about anything but two things: 1. Themselves, and 2. How will the government take care of them. Oh, wait that is redundant.

No one. No one takes responsibility for themselves or their actions. Integrity? Where has that gone? All these people do is blame others. Blame their friends if they have to. For what? Some goddamn jackass damages someones property and runs! That pisses me off to no end. Goddamn sons of bitches!

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timepass said...

I agree!

No one cares for each other anymore!

As long as people get what they want and do what the need, there's no need for them to see the impact of their work on others :(