Thursday, July 02, 2009

Interesting Article on the New Engergy Bill

Will The Global Warming Bill Cool The Global Economy? -

This was an interesting read, though long.  I do not like this particular bill.  I think it was a rush job by Obama to "stick" with his promises made during his campaign.  There are many alternatives out there and I believe taxes would go up, but not like what this one does.  Oh, and the cost of energy would go up too.  In a time like now, more taxes and more costs to the consumer would not help a recovery.  Overall, we be hurtin'. 

Ethanol is a waste.  For some reason politicians think it is more important to grow corn for fuel than feed people who are starving WITHIN our country.  Geez.  I am a fan of biodiesel, but I have no way of implementing it in my life.  Ah, the chicken and egg thing!  How can people take advantage of environmental saving products if the products do not exist?  Likewise why manufacture environmentally friendly products if no one will buy them?  And, they will most likely be manufactured in China or some other country because the cost of labor in this country is so high. 

Not a lot of the liberal good feelings come out of this.  Feel free to weigh in on your view. 

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