Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I really hate the news. Yes, it is sad that another innocent person was killed by this wacked group. Isn't it obvious that we should just go in and get them? Kill them? How can a liberal person sit there and say, "Let's talk with them and find out what is wrong?" I'll tell you what is wrong. They hate US. The hate the U.S. They hate the fact that we are RICH? They are JEALOUS. They hate the fact that we, the people, have a say in what our country does. They hate democracy.

Face it folks. It does not matter who is in the Oval Office. There will always be this hate. If Kerry is in office, they will continue to blow us up. They will continue to undermine our way of life. Remember that these same people who hate us also use our lifestyle to learn and fight us. They are HYPOCRITES! See what happens when you become an extremist?

Since we have such a weak President, they are going to take advantage of us. If Kerry is in there, we would have a weaker President. Let's look to see if there is another stronger candidate. I have a feeling that come 2008, we will be dust. Stand up and pick the best of the worst, don't let them start killing our children in our schools. Grow balls, America. Don't sit back and listen to whining politicians, it is time to vote people into offices that will represent YOU! Do IT! Make yourself heard!



Anonymous said...

I think you fit into the ignorant unchangeable American category..

Did it never occur to you that simply killing terrorists is NOT going to stop terrorism?

Maybe instead of spending 25% of its budget on the Military, America should do something more cost-effective and practical, like provide money for education in certain countries, not illegal coups in the Middle East.

If you think that waging a 'War On Terror' is even theoretically viable, keep sending your youth off to get ambushed.

I'd rather educate the youth of the Middle East not to become an ambusher, but obviously that would be giving in. A real AMERICAN leader with BALLS would just simply pour more troops in and kill more of the INCREASING number of extremists.

It isnt the terrorists that are the issue, its the reason they bacome terrorists. If America doesn't change its forign policy then unfortunately the world is going to be a much more unstable place.

Bill said...

Woohoooo! An educated reader. That is more than I can say for most visitors to the Idiot.com site.

Thanks for your response, Anonymous. Too bad you do not have a name.

I am all for education, but it seems that many do not wish to be educated. I feel for those people if the US tries to institute an education system similar to ours here in the US. Ours is a babysitting farm where education comes last and board members give themselves raises. If we had a president that is willing to get these people started in the "right" direction, then great, but who will that be? Kerry? Ha, he would make us pay dearly for it. Bush? Highly unlikely. Give us an alternative, please.

For the time being, lets do both, educate the younger generations and kill them terrorists. Both lessons in futility.

Thanks again for posting!

tiredofwhiners said...

Everybody should just wake up. You cannot educate the people in thirld world countries, they have been and will always be nothing but gurilla warfare minded and will never veer from that mentality. I agree with massacre, in the respect that we should just pound sand and get rid of our troubles and start over. Then you can educate them self righteous camel jockeys. You cannot talk to people who do not want to change and expect them to stop the terrorism. As far as the part about the president, I believe that Bush is very strong.Beside that, how can you can call him weak when he is doing exactly what you want him to do?

Anonymous said...

People say that Kerry is a better choice for President. But in fact, voting Kerry would mean voting . Do you think all of the good things that have come out of Iraq would have happened if KERRY was president?

It looks like all the Kerry supporters like taxes. He voted to raise taxes on countless occasions.

Anonymous said...

Continuing from my 11:36 post, you are sounding like a liberal even though you complain about them. Bush is not a weak president by any means. I'm tired of people saying so. They can only see the bad things that have come out of his presidency and not the good things. People say that Iraq is not "mission accomplished". The mission was to capture Saddam and that was done.

You're NOT a politician, are you?

Anonymous said...

The only mission that Bush had when going into Iraq, was to cover up for his father saying that Iraq was a threat. I agree with what anonymous said about educating foreign people about not becoming terrorists it is a very good idea, and that if taught early enough the people will care, as many already do. The terrorists do not hate the U.S. and they aren't jealous, they just have some goal that they are willing to kill civilians to reach, and the leaders af these terrorist groups convince very vulnerable people to commit the suicides, and to do all of the dirty work. You don't hear about Osama commiting kamakazi/suicide missions do you? Killing them can work, though it is unjustifiable, because if you see someone with a gun in the middle of a terrorist group, and you kill them, then maybe they haven't yet commited any terror causing actions, or kill, or shot at people, you have sunk to their level. Terrorism is unstopable, and so all we can do is to take precautions against it. One major leap forward would be to have our coasts guarded.
I heard a story in the news, it was about the TSA (which guard airports). It said that TSA officials put a fake bomb, with wires and a clock inside, through Newark, New Jersey airport baggage, and the TSA officials at the Newark airport located the fake bomb. They then found that they had lost it. They did nothing about it, didn't even report it. They had misplaced it, and it ended up found in Amsterdam, Netherlands. If we can at least not let mistakes like that happen, then we might have a fighting chance preventing some terrorist acts. (or maybe not!)
I do not agree with the veiws expressed on Kerry in this article, anyone that thinks he is a flip flopper, or wants to raise middleclass taxes, pays too much attention to the negative comercials put out by the repuclican national convention. I do agree that both candidates have their flaws, like opposing gay marriage (I couldn't care less), but I think that Kerry was the better of the two, and Nader was out of the question. Even though I have quite strong views, every man or women to his or her own opinion. Expressing opinion is what we have a democratic system for, although sometimes ignored by polititions, especially republicans in my point of veiw.
-6th grader

Anonymous said...

It might help if we HAD money in the treasury, but Bush spent it all on war!
10 year old 5th grader