Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The first One here

Testing to see if this will make a good Idiot.com blog site.

Any comments are welcome. If it gets out of hand, comments will be limited. No children are allowed to Play! Let us all be adults here. The reason for Idiot.com is to let people look and see how stupid people react and what they do. I fall for some of these antics, too. We all do.



Anonymous said...

I am writing. This is NOT my first comment.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying kids are'nt allowed on this site?

Anonymous said...

I think he is saying, use your brain. Do not flame each other. Do not treat others with disrespect.

Otherwise it is all open and all opinions are welcome.

Expand your mind.


Anonymous said...

I think all people are idiots for being here. Why would you go to a site called (idiot.com)?

cwgrl said...

I think all ya'll are stupid

jessica said...

Why would you?