Sunday, September 26, 2004

End of another busy weekend

Damn, missed much in the news this weekend.
Hey, we had our first comment posted! Thanks to Anonymous (what a name) for the post. Not a bad one, either.

I am bummed that those people in Florida got their asses whooped again by another hurricane. Jeanne did what they didn't want it to do. Being true Americans, those people will pull up their bootstraps, or thong straps, and start to rebuild. The rest of us will help with donations and of course our tax money that Bush will send their way. Rebuild! Hang in there, we are here to help!

Damn hockey players/owners still holding out I see. Better check on that status.

All is well here. Late!


CandiceCasey said...

The Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach Area has seen 4 major storms in six weeks. Three of the big hotels, Adams Mark, Hilton, and Treasure Island are expected to remain closed into the new year from storm damage. Many of the small mom and pop places are not expected to reopen ever. Many construction projects expect to have been completed in time for Biketoberfest have not even started, been knocked back to the starting point or cancelled.

If you haven't visited Florida in the past few years, it isn't what it used to be. Many of us feel that these storms are God's eviction notice for turning his beautiful creation into a dump and open sewer. The off coast water stayed brown all year. The only fish are scavanger fish. The reefs are brown, bleached, dead or dying. The beaches are lined with cars dumping oil, cigerette butts are every where and fast food packaging blows over the sun bathers. You cant see the ocean from A1A any longer as the beach side of the highway is now lined with hotels, most closed indefinitely by storm damage.

Many Floridians, my family included, are looking seriously at taking the warning to heart and moving out of Florida.

Bill said...

Wow, Candice.

Thanks for sharing your observations. We have not had a true first hand report. I think many of us did not know how bad it was BEFORE the storms and how bad it is now.

We wish you the best.