Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Healthcare for Clinton

We all hate to see people in need of health care and we hope that Pres. Clinton recovers quickly. Unfortunately for those who advocate government health care, there is a side that I found very interesting. In an article I found at the Cato Institute web site, Speedy Health Care , it was interesting to see a comparison of our current health care and that of Canada's. This is very eye-opening for those who think that national health care is a good thing. Please read and be open minded.


Stephen said...

i do not think that it matters. Something will happen no matter what we do.

Anonymous said...

Is Canada's health care better? It should be. (I am CANADIAN!)

Anonymous said...

Canada's health care "should" not be better, it just in some opinions is better, you might learn a bit by reading the article.
-6th grade 11 year old