Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Gangs = Terrorists?

Here is an interesting subject. Do you think that terrorists are contacting gangs to help facilitate their needs?

I heard this concept come up on a talk show. Since California and Arizona seem to have wide open borders, it seems quite likely that terrorists can come up from Mexico and enter the U.S. "disguised" as Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal. They obtain the necessary Mexican papers and learn the language. Being that gangs operate similarly as mini-terrorist groups, it would be a logical next step for Al Qaeda.

Also, everyone in America is so complacent with the attitude of "it's been 3 years and nothing has happened" that we do not watch our security as closely as we should. Major terrorist plots take many years to develop. As I heard said, "terrorist time is not the same as American time."

Let's hope we are ready!

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