Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Side of the Micahel Moore Capitalism Thought

The Whole Point Of Capitalism - Forbes.com

Well, is Capitalism evil?  You tell me.  From what I read here is if capitalism is done right it will work.  Why does it not work now?  I conclude it is government.  Government seems to regulate the wrong side of capitalism making it easier for corruption.  If you are going to regulate, should you not regulate corruption OUT of the system instead of encouraging it?  Oh, I forgot, many politicians are corrupt.  Whatever happened to those who want to see our nation succeed? 

I fear we will never see the idealistic "Star Trek" age.  I know I will not.  Will my children?  Yours? 

Socialism suppresses progress, so that is not the answer.  This brings up the other question:  Where does progress come from and what system works best to entice progress?

Oh, so many questions. 

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Anonymous said...

lol, star trek is like the epitome of socialism.

Bill said...

Wow! After all this time someone actually saw that little "drop" and called it out!
Congrats Anonymous! Too bad you didn't leave a name.

Yes, the ironic thing about people expecting the future to be like Star Trek is just that, it's the ideal Socialism. Thus, it would never happen!

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

The world would have been a much better place if you American imperialistic capitalists did not try to run the show. Of all the economic crises (1970s, 1980s, 1997-1998, 2001-2003, 2008- ), the US has had a hand in most of these. Maybe you guys should wake up and try to be more socialist instead of mistaking socialism for communism and then condemn socialism for being like what they do in Red Russia. They are not the same.

Bill said...

I would be very careful at whom you point your fingers. I agree the U.S. is part to blame, BUT I believe that the GOVERNMENTS of all involved countries are to blame.

If you look at your own government how many deals have they made to "better" you life and failed? They do it for themselves not for YOU.