Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here's A Side We Rarely Hear

The UN & Israel

So, I like this perspective.  We always hear about how Israel "beats up" Palestine, but are we that blind on how Palestinians and Hamas started the whole thing? 

What do you think?

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Major Sam said...

Very Well Said

James said...

The Zionist movement in the late 1800's and the Balfour Declaration at the end of World War 1 led to mass immigration of the Jewish people into the region; previously, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, and hadn't had a significant Jewish population since the Roman Empire. This was followed by a violent overthrow in 1948, where the new state of Israel declared independence. The cycle of violence is no longer the fault of any particular side, as it's just feeding on itself...but it began with the idea that a certain religious sect had a claim to land they hadn't inhabited in thousands of years.

Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I think that you shoul open your fucking eyes and stop being a hypocritical idiot -

the link show how a jewish pig drives over a wounded palestinian who is surrounded by armed "israeli" soldiers and all that scum who call them selves jews. You mix it all up asshole - it is exactly your dumb jewish swines who whine all the time somebody criticize them and claim that someone is antisemithic if somebody try to tell them that it's not OKAY to KILL innocent people.

And oh - jewish organ stealing gangsters - who steal children from Algiere (muslim children) and take their kidnes etc. to sell them overseas for thousands of dollars. We never hear about that. so tell me you jewish asslicking piece of shit WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT??!?

Bill said...

I was not going to post this last comment due to the blatant use of expletives, but since I side on free speech, I am allowing this guy to vent. He absolutely believes in something strongly.

Unfortunately he has a difficult time explaining himself without the use of expletives. And you wonder why both sides do not talk.

You are all children, aren't you?