Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Oil or Not To Oil

China's push for oil in Gulf of Mexico puts U.S. in awkward spot --

An interesting twist that will make our current regime squirm. If the U.S. allows China to drill in the Gulf of Mexico off of U.S. shores, then why do we not drill for ourselves? Business is business and the economy may force the use to "sell" the oil to China. So, instead of taking care of "her" people, us in the U.S., we take care of our welfare contingency with money from foreign parties.

Oh, how about them environmentalists lobbying to stop domestic drilling? What are they going to say? Oh, it's not our problem. I sense a large political hypocrisy around here.

How come I feel we are on the steep part of a slide? We were on top for so long, I guess the saying, "what goes up must come down" is true. The question is how hard is the landing? I think this will hurt if something is not done soon.

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Anonymous said...

How about them environmentalists? You really think they would say its not our problem? Environmentalist are fighting for fair treatment of the environment the world over. With out a healthy life sustaining biosphere here on earth, you and i(and our children) will not live long or well and so it is worth everything we have! You speak of environmentalists as if they were your enemy. I dont think you understand whats at stake.

Bill said...

Here is the problem as I see it: Neither "side" has the best interest in the planet or our need to "better" ourselves. No government, especially dictatorships, has the planet as their best interest.

I also believe in free speech. I only moderate posts that solicit Sex. Everyone has the right to disagree.

At times I do believe that environmentalists are the enemy as they tend to block progress instead of help. Take the U.S. and the liberals in some states. They say we need to go "green", but they oppose building green power plants! They say Wind Farms are ugly. Solar "farms" are ugly. Yet, how do we go "green"? There must be compromise and both sides are at the extremes.

I know what is at stake. I know that humanity will mess it up as long as we rely on stubborn, and stupid, governments who say one thing and do another.

Maxwell Tamasy said...

Max Tamasy, Pittsburgh Pa. Im not sure what you talking about by "liberals". The green movement is being shut down(mainly) by the neoconservatives and big oil. Those who are reaping the benefits of the status quo. Anyone who really is a green energy advocate will not oppose green alternative energy (i am a nuclear advocate, as wind and solar technologies are still largely oil based). It sounds to me that you are pointing to people who dont want a wind farm in there backyard and generalizing it to liberals as a whole. This isnt a liberal-conservative, democrat-republican issue, this a human rights issue. Blaming liberals for the lack of progress is asinine.