Sunday, June 14, 2009

Calculating The True Cost Of Carbon -

Calculating The True Cost Of Carbon -

This is one very interesting article. My opinion on this whole carbon thing is pure disgust. How can one measure this? How can a government or business measure/calculate this carbon stuff. Credits? What credits? It sounds like a very bad science fiction movie. Another liberal scam.


Visalus Distributor - Brian F said...

I agree cows make more of a carbon impact than our cars do yet we don't stick plugs and filters in their "engine"

Jessi said...

They sure do...OH, and if you're ever forced to watch that awful Gore flick (and just to show the rising stupidity of humanity, he got a peace prize for it, wow...) if you check out his graphs and charts that weren't fabricated, you'll see that he took out a small portion of the graph and that by earth's standards, we are still well within the cyclical pattern laid out before us. Wake up people, this is just another aspect to let Socialism creep in.
you know what i mean,
let's keep "big brother" out.

remzzo said...

Well for example when they make a car they measure his emission in the test and then they can further calculate for all the other cars of the same type. And obviously you can't plug cows because they are necessary and live for that matter unlike cars or factories on the fossil fuel. Also instead of arguing and making excuses it would be right time for USA to look at the natural energy resources like solar or geothermal. This heat(geothermal) naturally flows to the surface by conduction at a rate of 44.2 TW. Thats double the amount of humanity's current energy consumption. We just need to learn how to use it.