Saturday, May 16, 2009

Parents are urged to demand more from L.A. schools - Los Angeles Times

Parents are urged to demand more from L.A. schools - Los Angeles Times

The title bothers me as I believe it is the schools that should demand more from the parents. Our society led us to both parents having to work. Our society set up this education disaster. Even though more parents are "volunteering", it is not the norm.

At the same time the schools, should be read "government", and UNIONS have created a situation where a parent who wishes to volunteer for a position vacated due to "cutbacks" is also turned away with the statement "that is a union position and you cannot have it."

I call BS on this. If a parent, my mom volunteered as a librarian in the past, has the time and wants to help out, gratis, then why not let them. You save money and you get a parent who wants to be involved.

I also believe that throwing money at the educational system will not help. The schools of today are advanced daycare centers. Parents drop their problem child off and they go work. Between the liberal stance "we cannot hurt a childs self-esteem" and the lack of discipline allowed schools are worthless.

1. Children who cannot pass should be held back to take the curriculum again. F self-esteem. It did not hurt me!
2. Kids that behave poorly or are down right evil must be punished. No more of the parents whining, "Johnny is a good kid and he would never do such and such." BULLSHIT. Smack the bastard. Detention. That's what I had to deal with and it was well worth that extra "think twice before doing it" mentality.

I'm rambling now, your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the uselessness of the current educational system, the teachers want to put the children on "medication" and not do they're job while the parents seem to have forgotten that it is they're kids who are suffering at the hands of the apathetic, and the UNIONS that have destroyed our schools, dont even get me started. :)