Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel v. Hamas

You can call me whatever you want, but I think the media and the rest of the world has been too harsh on Israel. I could be wrong, but this last wave of conflict started with Hamas shooting rockets into Israel, right? So why the big deal the Israel retaliates and big?

Oh, they are killing civilians! Who cares! The damned Hamas are using residential, civilian, neighborhoods to shoot their missiles and store arms. Is the world that blind and sympathetic to Islamic nations today to avoid the truth?

Personally I am sick of all the idiots in the Middle East. For thousands of years these people, if you want to give them that honor, have been killing each other. No matter what we or anyone does, they will continue to kill each other. I say put a fence around the whole damned area and let them duke it out. Grow up people, this has gone too far.

All this violence is slowing creeping into this country. We already have people killing others over the most stupid things. No one seems to value life any longer. It is quite disgusting. More people should study the far eastern philosophies. Maybe then will the world become peaceful.


Ralph Pina said...

The issue is not that Israel is responding. It is the asymmetry of the response. Its like if you are walking down the street and a 5 year old kicks you in the knee, do you then stab him? Hamas is firing primitive hand-made rockets; Israel is responding with precision guided 500+ pound bombs and 24-hour artillery. That's why people complain. BTW, Arabs in the Middle East were developing Algebra, Astronomy, modern medicine, and the numbers you use today when Europeans were killing each other over religion, look up Thirty Years' War to learn more about it.

Eddie Entropy said...

I see what you're saying, it reminds me of the situation here in Chaska.

John said...


Thanks for your blog. I am not an expert on Middle eastern affairs, but it seems to me that in addition to the physical war; there is a 'public opinion' war - and it seems to me that Hamas is winning that war. I get the impression that they (Hamas) will continue to sacrifice their own people (Innocent Palestinians) in their relentless pursuance of global public opinion.

While I think that leaving the palestinians to their own devices is pushing it too far, I believe that if we lose our appetite for the media's supply of that information, then Hamas will cease to sacrifice Palestinians.

As for eastern Philosohies, Bill - they are not so peaceful. The far east has its own brand of violence and brutality and it has been so for millenia. Theirs is not as peaceful as they'd have us believe. The Tibet occupation by China, North Korea etc are cases in point.

First let's create peace in our homes. The rest will take care of itself.

Bill said...


Point well taken regarding the Arab past. Their culture seems to have changed over the years.

I do not agree with the comment about the asymmetry of the response. If you were kicked 100 times or even 1000, you would eventual have enough and kick back, hard.


Yes, the Eastern Philosophies do have their short-comings, too. China has a long history of wars among themselves and their neighbors. The Warring Years were quite brutal. I refer to the the philosophies as they are "meant" to be. Peaceful. Obviously everything is up to interpretation.

Thanks for all your thoughts and comments. They are quite welcome.

Dean said...

If the Hamas missiles are not damaging and they are provoking the Israelis to attack back, what reason is there for shooting them other than their willingness to sacrifice their people for public relations advantage? Is it safe to say that Hamas thinks it is a fair trade-that is, shooting the missiles for Israeli retaliation?