Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have you looked around you?

I happen to live in a city ( I call it a big small town) that has/had a football team in the playoffs. It is quite amazing to me how far people go to "support" their team. I see it more as how silly band-wagoners are. Where were these people when the team was doing poorly? What makes this stuff the top news story of the night?

What irks me even more is how drunk and obnoxious these people get. An excuse to party and drink. Does anyone care about enjoying a good game for its entertainment value any longer or has the entertainment migrated from what occurs on the field to what occurs in the stands or even the neighbors house?

I must say it is quite amusing to see these poor folks when the loss occurs. I must be sick to take such pleasure in their "false" misery. I have been told I am "twisted".

Good luck to those team still playing!

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