Friday, February 18, 2005

So Who Really is the Enemy?

Yahoo! News - Iraq Attacks Kill 27 During Shi'ite Ceremony: "Iraq Attacks Kill 27 During Shi'ite Ceremony"

So these "rebels" go after Americans. Now they go after the Shiites. Who is next, themselves? I really don't think these "rebels" want peace anywhere.

Bush, get your head out of your ass and get our troops out of the land of hate. Build a big fence around them and let them fight it out. The last one standing is the one we should talk with.

What a fucking idiot I am, eh?


Anonymous said...

I think that you people are way, way way to into this kind of stuff, and you probubly also think that war is bad right???
Well let me tell you somthing, the 60's are over get with the fucking program people. And get yourself a girlfried because you have way to much time on your hands.

Curtis said...

"Anonymous" is a pussy. I believe that little shit needs a life and needs to get his little bitch boy head out of his ass before he smells the shit that's getting ready to land on his wee little brain.

George from Europe said...

Bill, it's really time to wake up. Your Georgie Boy is just a puppet in this war in Iraq.
All of this "democratization in the world" thing from the US is only because of your interest.
Do you like to drive your care? Off course, all of you. So, you need the oil of the arab countries and that's why you need to controll them. All this "free world" slogan is just shit from your country. The way of life in your country - customer society -creates all this problems.