Sunday, February 13, 2005

Lawyers revisited

OK, so I took a lot of shit mentioning the lawyer thing on that McDonalds blog posting.

Here's the other side of the story as explained to me by a lawyer. IT is not the lawyers fault for such rulings it is the jury's' fault. Yup, the people who serve on the jury, at least 7 of them, are complete idiots for making such rulings. Yes, a jury awarded some dumb fuck who spilled hot coffee on his lap millions of dollars. I still think the jackass representing these nuts is an idiot, but I will concede that it is the jury members at fault. I think juries award such penalties because they hope to be on the winning side of one these cases some day.

I sat on a jury once. I did not fall for the smoke and mirrors and whatever brainwashing the lawyers do. The person was guilty. It was obvious. Yet there were those on the jury that just don't see things the same as others. You will notice that those who have some brain functionality do not serve on juries. They are too smart and lawyers cannot twist their thoughts as easily.

So, for once, to be fair to lawyers, it is the idiot that serve on juries who should be punished.

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