Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Technology vs. The Little Folk

Answer me this. Do you think technology is out pacing the ability of average people to handle and accept such technology? It seems to me that everyday there is some new toy, gadget, gizmo, whatever that is supposed to make our life's better. It also is apparent that many of these things do not improve our way of life at all. I have noticed that many people just cannot accept some of this stuff that comes out. Is a cell phone with a built-in camera really a necessary item? Don't forget to ad the PDA, the MP3 player, and the walkie-talkie. Of course the cell phone is just one example. At times I find it quite annoying.

Do you think the current fad is for people to "dig" technology for the sake of technology? I think the younger folks today are brainwashed into believing that they must have the next toy that comes out. I wonder if they believe their existence would be less important if they do not get that latest gadget.

Don't get me wrong, I really like technology. I think it is cool. I just see so many items out there that seem so silly.

What is the latest toy you purchased?

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Anonymous said...

ya, I have to agree with you there Bill! It seems to me that the more humans do, the more complicated life gets, I have to say that I'm really interested in technology, and that I love it, but like you said it really does start to get a bit silly, like kids having palm pilots, or calculators having games on them, or people talking on cell phones while trying to drive. One thing to do is to think (if you're capable!) :D Are you talking to people on phones more than you are talking to them in person? A lot of people would say yes!
-11 year old 6th grader
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