Monday, January 24, 2005

Post Industrial America?

Is it safe to say that America is in the midst of the post industrial era? Can we say that America is not handling this era very well?

Since we seem to be losing industrial type jobs to other nations, we should accept that we are a post industrial country. We do dabble in some manufacturing, but it seems that most stuff is made elsewhere. We also have a large agricultural society, but even that seems to be dwindling. All signs point to post industrial.

Are we a technological society? We are entering that, but only in our big cities and only big companies. I live in a technologically advanced city. (I still consider it a town do to the backwards mentality of many of the folks.) I have high speed internet. The family has 2+ computers. Etc. Yet, many parts of our country is still a bit behind, technologically, though they are starting to come around.

Since we are bored, post industrial and technological countries have much time on their hands, our country feels the need to "interfere" with the doings of other countries. Our country has trouble maintaining safe borders. It seems that our country is not handling the current era very well. I think we should concentrate on becoming a better country. Work on making our citizens safe. Work on making our way of life better. I'm not saying drop all foreign policy, but hold back and stop being the world's police. If other countries do not want our "guidance" in their progress, we should step back and let them iron things out for themselves. Only time will tell if we are doing the right thing.

How do you rate our country? I love this country, but I feel we are lacking in some respect, as if we do not know how to handle our own situation. We are uncomfortable in our current role. As seen in our last election, half seems to be ok with our current path, and half is not. Since I did not vote either for the Dems or the Reps, I feel these major parties are not tuned into what we really need. Can this or will this ever change? I may try to answer that at a later time. As for now, that is what has crossed my mind tonight.


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