Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care Again

This time I want to address this health care thing again from a different angle. I want ask you some questions.

1. What do YOU want to see in national health care?
2. From what you read and hear and research, how close does the bill presented by your representatives come to your expectations?
3. How much or your hard earned money do you thing should go to the government to pay for someone else health care?
4. Do you feel you would rather pay for health insurance yourself or pay the government for it?
5. Is universal health care beneficial to society, and if so, how would you do it so it was not run by corrupt politicians?
6. Do you think health care would be better or worse if the government is involved?

The questions keep coming. I am curious on this. I am torn with the thought of a society with healthy people and we "all get along" similar to a Star Trek fantasy, but in reality, as we all do not get along is it even possible for a system like this working? Anyways, I guess I better start working so I can pay for my medical whether it's private or not!


Anonymous said...

It would be difficult to make health care any worse. It would be difficult to make this site any worse. Why don't you try spell check you idiot. I am never coming back here.

Bill said...

Yup, it can only get better, I agree.

And you have the right to never come back here again. It is sad that most people leave comments as Anonymous.

Sometimes I write stuff very quickly and do not catch all spelling errors. I am human just like you. Sometimes I use a Blackberry to write. Ever tried that?

Thanks for the brief visit and good luck saving the world.

Maxwell Tamasy said...

I left an anonymous comment because i don't have a a Google account and didn't know i could just put in my name. Hey i was just being a jerk, i do appreciate people trying to spark intellectual thought and conversation. So i do appreciate your website and anyone concerned with the state of the world. You should delete that last comment of mine because it is counter productive to the conversation(and any other ones i left that day for that matter!).