Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Financial Oxymoronic?

Here's one for you. Financial analysts de-rated the stock of a very sound financial company. Their reasoning: The company does not qualify for government aid.

How ABSURD! Aren't the companies that "qualify" for "bail-out" funds also the companies that are IN TROUBLE? Does not "bail-out" mean "Save Our Asses"?

I equate a company that does not need aid as a company that is strong and self-reliant. Solvent is also a term used for a "good" company.

Things like this piss me off. These analysts should be fired for such idiotic behavior. It makes you wonder why there are people pushing this financial crisis deeper into the hole. Is there really a crisis or is it all a front to some bigger scheme. By whom? Break out the conspiracy theories! Let the fun begin.


Andrew Frazier said...

Could you show me your source? Where did you get this information?

Bill said...

Inside Radio

Company: Lincoln Financial Group

Bill said...

Here's some interesting reading, too: