Monday, June 04, 2007

Am I Ignorant or What?

I am having an issue trying to understand this whole illegal immigration thing. This new "amnesty" bill seems to miss the point. Here's my question: Isn't it the businesses/company's that hire illegal immigrants the ones that have caused this fiasco in the first place? The way I see it is if we let all these folks become "legal", those who hired them in the first place will now let them go as they will have to pay the minimum wages, the taxes, the insurance, etc. to hire these people. They will pursue hiring "new" illegal immigrants, thus starting a new influx of illegal migrants to the states. At this point we will be so saturated with these people that we may as well become part of Mexico or we should annex Mexico and make it part of these United States. Both scenarios we are not ready for as a country, by the way.

This also begs the question: How many of the current illegal immigrants will pursue becoming legal immigrants? Not many in my opinion. I think Mexico's plan is to drive their people up here to make money which they send back to Mexico. This makes money for Mexico. We get the labor and lose money from the States.

The other question I have: How many other types of "illegals" will attempt to become "legals"? I'm talking those with terrorist tendencies. Probably over thinking this, but it bothers me.

Mr. Kennedy, do we really need to "help" these poor people or are these poor people being used by their own government to help themselves?

Help me understand, people! I appreciate it.


alistair said...

mexican terrorists?

Dean said...

What is the problem with illegal immigrants? Why should we be bothered by it? Yes, they are breaking the law , but so are speeders, and most people speed at one time or another. It would not be hard to significantly reduce illegal immigration by requiring SSNs be verified by employers, with penalties for failure to do so. But who is going to replace illegal immigrants in jobs Americans don't want? Why is this an issue? Please tell me.