Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JetBlue CEO sees costs of delays at $30 million - Feb. 20, 2007

JetBlue CEO sees costs of delays at $30 million - Feb. 20, 2007

Explain to me why an airline would be responsible for WEATHER related delays and cancellations? No one can control the weather, so why would I be compensated for such events?

If an airline is nice, they would honor the ticket for a future flight or at least the return as soon as possible.

Why are people so greedy? This "what's in it for me" attitude is going to kill this country.


Anonymous said...

What you are failing to understand is that people are not asking for compensation for the weather. They are asking to be compensated for their time being wasted. I doubt very many of those passengers would be asking to have compensation paid if they would have been allowed to get off of the plane in realistic time period. Not that I am in any way defending our increasingly stupid society, but if I was to ever be stuck on a plane because the pilots were to afraid of making their own decision I would at least like a few bucks to buy me a beer at the end of it. Oh well, only my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Idiot, your country is already dead. You are all the same.

Bill said...

Yeah, I overlooked the fact that they left the passengers on the plane. That was pretty darn inconsiderate of them.

BTW, you who says our "country is already dead", where are you from? Is your country dead yet? I at least can slam the country I live in. Can you criticize your country in public?

Keep up the comments. As you can see, I am man enough to admit I f'd up!

Anonymous said...

If you'll read the article linked, it points out that the costs are refunded tickets, travel vouchers, and incremental costs. It doesn't say anything about people asking to be compensated for wasted time, or people being greedy.

The vouchers are given out by the airline, sometimes at the passenger's request, sometimes voluntarily by the airline. This is not greedy people saying "gimmie, gimmie," and getting big bucks. It is a lot of people being given a small voucher for future travel.

Vouchers often cost an airline nothing. If they are used for travel on a seat that was empty anyway, the voucher doesn't add any additional cost to the airline. If the voucher displaces a paying passenger or takes a seat that the airline could have sold, then the airline loses the cost recovery of that seat.

The CEO is calculating those vouchers on their face value, which is sort of like the sticker price on a new car. In reality, the vouchers will all have to be used before the actual cost to the airline can be tabulated.

Bill said...

Very astute! I did not catch that in my first reading. "Sticker price" on a new car: That is a great analogy. I appreciate that insight.


Chris said...

The country we once knew already is dead, and has left in its place the nation of Entitlementia, the land where those who do the least deserve the most, and where those who do the most are expected to give it to them, or be thought of as bigots. Fine; think of me as a bigot; I DON'T CARE.