Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Word Verification

So I start using word verification for comments. Lo and behold, no more comments and no more spam. Either I am falling behind and no one has any stupid comments to my stupid posts or the holiday season is here and everyone is preoccupied with being jolly, shopping, or depressed. Maybe even a combination of both.

BTW, I hope none of my readers actually got up early in the morning to get trampled on last Friday. How this must look to the rest of the world! Look at those stupid Americans, kicking and punching each other to spend money!

Hey, it's the American way, right?!

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Charles N. Steele said...

This is a great blog! I found it quite by accident, but am placing a link to it on my website.

The link appears in a section that's written for my students who are whining about the grades THEY earned; so in one sense this is may seem like a dishonor. But as I see it, this blog will do the whiners some good.

My site: