Monday, June 27, 2005

100 Grand! Woooohoooo!

100 Grand?

I wasn't sure I would comment on this, but man are people gullible.

You may recall a bit I did on the lady who won the Toy Yoda? Well this one is right up that alley. WLTO-FM had a contest and you had to call in to win 100 Grand. As usual, everyone thinks they will win $100,000. NOT. They win a candy bar! I love this type of contest, but the B@%^$%#@ is suing for her 100 grand! Check out the story here. Thanks to KRON for posting this story!

Norreasha Gill must be one gullible person, eh?


Mikey Powell said...

The DJ got canned. Why?

"Experts said the radio station could face action by the Federal Communications Commission, which licenses radio stations.

FCC regulations say contest descriptions can't be false or deceptive and that stations must conduct contests as advertised. Stations in two other states have been fined for contests that told listeners they'd won cash prizes without specifying they were in the Italian or Turkish lira, not the U.S. dollar."

See original story

Here is an audio clip of an (earlier) version of this hoax: Opie & Anthony

Jekiam said...

HAH, that lady is an idiot. Who actually belives radio stations? I think all cases like this are hilarious. I think the radio station should sue the lady for sheer stupidity.

The radio station needs fined though... It shouldn't open itself up to be sued like that.

That's america, Sarcasm rules.

Naeveh said...

It is funny. As if she actually believed you'd get $100,000 just for calling a radio station!

BOB said... Great stories and babble. Vote in polls and play games. AND MUCH MUCH MORE!